Deal or No Deal Live Review by Evolution Gaming

Deal or No Deal (also known as DOND) is an innovative live game show that combines the excitement of a live dealer game with the engaging format of a television show. Developed by the renowned gaming company Evolution Gaming. Sixteen closed briefcases are displayed, each containing a different amount of cash. As the game progresses, the briefcases are opened one by one, and a mystery person known as “The Banker” offers a number and poses the crucial question, “Deal or No Deal?” In a tense atmosphere, players must decide whether to trade their briefcases or not, potentially risking their prize money for a chance at a big win.

Evolution Gaming’s Deal or No Deal is the first 24-hour live broadcasting game and allows players to participate for as little as ₱5. The exciting gameplay keeps players glued to their screens all day long, and the game’s quality surpasses that of other live dealer games. The top studio in Europe broadcasts the game, and the RNG clips are expertly edited. Evolution Gaming deserves full marks for producing such an exceptional game!











How to Bet Deal or No Deal Live?

There are three periods in Evolution Gaming’s Deal or No Deal Live, namely “A Qualification Process”, “Top up Rounds” and “Deal or No Deal Game Show.” Players need to place their bet in the first and second periods in order to enter the final period, where the briefcases are. Our tips are: try to minimize the expense in the first period, risk spreading by charging multiple briefcases, and enjoy the game!

Bet on Deal or No Deal Live by Evolution Gaming

1st Period A Qualification Process:
Minimum bet ₱5, players must spin a three-reel bank Vault to unlock the game, the difficulty is divided into “normal”, “easy”, “very easy”, and the lower the difficulty, the higher the bet amount.

2nd Period Top up Rounds:
Minimum bet ₱5, odds 5X to 50X, charged by selecting the briefcase that is likely to win on No. 1 to 16.

3rd Period Deal or NO Deal Game Show:
Enter the main game, there is NO need to bet at this stage, the host will open the briefcase one after another, each time “The Banker” will ask the player whether to trade, the player can 1 choose [Deal] to accept the Banker’s quote, or [No Deal] to expect a higher bonus later.

You only get 2 minutes to consider your bet in the 1st and 2nd period, it will directly affect the final bonus you are getting. Getting pressure from the urgent time, if you can play by using strategies with a stable mind, you can easily make it to the final stage — the Game Show. To win, let’s go deep into this game.

How to Play Deal or NO Deal Live on Online Casino?

Deal or No Deal Live is an action-packed game that requires players to unlock the vault’s password and hide the prize money in 16 briefcases. The ultimate battle takes place with the banker. We can guide you step-by-step to master Deal or No Deal Live, so players in online casino, follow our guide to learn it quickly!

1. A Qualification Process

A Qualification Process

Every game starts with a qualification round, you must open the vault door to pass this round, and you must own 3 gold zones to unlock the qualification round. Before starting the spin, you can select a briefcase as your high bonus option (The system will automatically choose briefcase number 16 for you if you didn’t make a decision.)

Deal or No Deal's Normal mode

There are three difficulty modes that can increase your chances of getting into the game:

-Normal mode: You must fill all three golden zones to enter the game.

-Easy Mode: You need to fill two golden zones to enter the game, but your bet will be tripled.

-Very Easy Mode: You only need to fill one golden zone to enter the game, but you must bet 9 times more.

We recommend that new players start with the Normal mode because the lower the cost, the better your chances are of winning against the banker.

2. Top up Rounds

Deal or No Deal live's Top up Rounds

Next, you can recharge all briefcases, select the amount of money you want to bet, and click on any briefcase with a number from 1 to 16. Click “TOP UP” to spin the recharge wheel and earn 5X to 50X for the briefcase. The multiplier for each of them is as follows:

No. 1: 0.10 times the bet

No. 2: 0.20 times the bet

No. 3: 0.50 times the bet

No. 4: 0.70 times the bet

No. 5: Double your bet

No. 6: Double your bet

No. 7: Triple the bet

No. 8: 5 times the bet

No. 9: 8 times the bet

No. 10: 10 times the bet

No. 11: 12 times the bet

No. 12: 15 times the bet

No. 13: 20 times the bet

No. 14: 25 times the bet

No. 15: 50 times the bet

No. 16: 65-500 times your bet

Please note that there is a time limit for opening the vault door and recharging the briefcase (2 minutes total). After the countdown, players will enter the final stage — Deal or No Deal Game Show.

Tips: Ask yourself in every second, when is the best time to deal?

3. Deal or No Deal Game Show

Deal or No Deal Game Show

Once you have charged your briefcase, it’s time to enter the Deal or No Deal studio. During this phase, players will see a host who is responsible for conversing with the banker and players, as well as a female assistant who is responsible for opening the briefcases. The objective of the game is to win the briefcase held by the host. If you are fortunate enough to have charged the briefcase with the highest odds, you will experience a major victory. The game’s steps are as follows:

Step 1: The briefcases in the game will be revealed individually five times, giving players five chances to “Deal or No Deal”.

Step 2: After the first opening, those briefcases will be disqualified from the game. At this point, the banker will offer a number to the player. If the player chooses [Deal], he/she can immediately receive the bonus, but if he/she chooses [No Deal], he/she will have to wait for the next round.

Step 3: The female assistant will continue opening briefcases, and each time the banker will offer a number. The player must decide when is the best time to make a deal or if they should stick to the last briefcase.

Step4: Until the last 2 briefcases are left, the player has 3 options [DEAL] [SWITCH BRIEFCASE] [NO DEAL].


If you are lucky enough to win the biggest bonus, congratulations! If you guess wrong, your bet will be wiped out. After finishing this round, the player will return to A Qualification Process for the next round.

Tips: Ask yourself in every second, when is the best time to deal?

How to Win at Deal or No Deal Live?

To begin with, it is advisable to spread your risk by charging 3-4 briefcases simultaneously and balancing your budget. You will notice that the banker offers better prices when there are more briefcases left on the scene. Furthermore, if the banker’s offer is higher than your total bet amount by 1-2 times, it is recommended to immediately choose [Deal]. Waiting for the last briefcase is a significant risk.

These are the most crucial strategies for playing Deal or No Deal Live. In reality, we have discovered that Deal or No Deal is not as simple as it may seem, and only a few players make it to the final briefcase. The team at Hawkplay offers additional tips on how to win, and if you follow them, you can at least keep yourself afloat:

• Remember your total bet: Keep track of your total bet from periods 1 and 2, and compare it to the banker’s offer at any given moment.
• Play with a small bet: Qualification is determined by RNG, so sometimes you may succeed on the first try, while other times you may need 2-4 attempts. Reduce the cost of qualifying as much as possible to avoid overspending your budget.
• Maintain a positive mindset: Never feel compelled to stick it out until the end. Receiving a profit from the banker is a long-term solution.

Deal or No Deal Live has an RTP of 95.42%, and the maximum multiplier a player can get in a round is 500X. Unlike Crazy Time, Dream Catcher, and MONOPOLY Live, where players can watch the entire game and then bet, instead, players must bet and pass A Qualification Process to get into the next game. This is a bit unfriendly for beginners, so we suggest you watch unboxing videos on YouTube until you’re familiar with the game.

Who Created Evolution Deal or No Deal Live?

Deal or No Deal Live is a collaborative effort between Evolution Gaming and Endemol Shine. The game’s content is based on the NBC TV show of the same name, which debuted in 2005 and drew an average of 16 million viewers. The show’s final episode aired in 2019. Recognizing the excellent opportunity, Evolution Gaming created an exclusive 24-hour live streaming version that redefined the framework of a live dealer game in the same year, making it a creative and innovative live dealer game.

Can I Play Deal or No Deal Live with Real Money?

Most online casinos in the Philippines offer Evolution Gaming, which is a must-have for any online casino. To find Deal or No Dear Live steps are as follows: Casino Home >> [Casino Game] or [Live Dealer] >> Evolution >> [Dear or No Deal Live] it is usually in the Game Shows category.

You may be wondering if there is a demo game available to try. Unfortunately, Evolution Gaming does not offer any free demos, as it is practically impossible and they do not have the manpower to provide players worldwide with the opportunity to practice the game.

If you are still deciding on which online casino to visit, we have some great rankings to help you play Deal or No Deal Live with no worries. Please refer to our ranking list: The Best Online Casino Sites in the Philippines for 2023. It ranks 40+ top casinos in the Philippines. Without a doubt, the best online casinos are Hawkplay, Lodibet and Nuebe Gaming. You can try these top-rated casinos and enjoy the premium services.


A player who played for the first time may be confused. Deal or NO Deal Live is more like an entertaining leisure activity with friends rather than an individual gambling goal.

Unfortunately, Evolution Gaming doesn’t offer any free demo games.

The banker has always been a mystery, and no one knows if he really exists, but the character is an important part of the game, and you might want to ask Evolution Gaming if they can reveal any information about the banker.

Each Deal or No Deal Live takes about 2 minutes, and the qualifying game also takes about the same amount of time, so if you get into the game at the last 2 minutes, you’ll have significantly less time to charge the briefcase.

Don’t forget that the game was adapted from a famous TV show!

If you bet on the maximum, you can win up to ₱45,000,000.