Ultimate Strategy Guide for Crazy Coin Flip Live 2023

Crazy Coin Flip Live

Crazy Coin Flip Live, a thrilling product of Evolution Gaming, has taken Southeast Asia by storm, especially captivating the hearts of Filipinos. In 2023, it’s hard to find anyone unfamiliar with this live casino game, a testament to its popularity evident in the number of active players.

Crazy Coin Flip Live is a unique blend of slot and live casino game, providing a perfect balance that caters to both RNG game enthusiasts and live dealer game lovers. However, the game can feel like it’s locked in the slot phase if you’re not fortunate enough to collect at least three bonus game symbols. Activating the XXXtreme or Super XXXtreme Spin might speed up the qualification round, but be aware, they cost 5 times and 50 times your base bet, respectively.

What every player wants to understand is the potential losses and gains at each phase of the game. This is where our Crazy Coin Flip Strategy comes into play. Is the XXXtreme Spin worth your investment? Does the Top UP round yield profits? Which casino will let you withdraw your big wins instantly? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down these aspects to help you better understand how to play Crazy Coin Flip and increase your chances of winning.

How Do You Play Crazy Coin Flip?

How do you play Crazy Coin Flip Live by Evolution Gaming

Crazy Coin Flip Live, an innovative game from Evolution Gaming, features three distinct phases: Qualification, Top Up, and Coin Flip Bonus Round. As a player, you’ll start in the Qualification Phase, where you might spend some time depending on the type of spin you choose.

In the Qualification Phase, there are three types of spins to choose from. The Normal Spin turns this phase into a classic slot game, where players need to collect a minimum of three scatter symbols to advance to the bonus game (Top Up and Coin Flip). Some scatter symbols come with their own multipliers, which, if collected, will carry over to the next phases.

The other two spins, XXXtreme Spin and Super XXXtreme Spin, offer one and two fixed scatter symbols respectively to speed up this phase. However, they come at a cost – 5 times and 50 times your base bet. The base bet ranges from 5-75,000 in Philippine peso, with a maximum payout of 12,500,000 PHP for this game. As for the Return to Player (RTP), here’s what the official statement says.

Normal Spin 96.05%
XXXtreme Spin 96.00%
Super XXXtreme Spin 96.05%
Top Up 95.06%

The Top Up phase is optional, meaning you can choose whether to participate. This phase is also slot-like, featuring two-colored (red and blue) coin symbols with various multipliers. Players can earn extra multipliers by collecting three same-colored coin symbols in the middle row. One interesting aspect of the Top Up phase is that the spinning time is not fixed – it depends on the progress of the live show. If the remaining time reaches zero, you’re automatically skipped from this phase.

The Coin Flip Bonus Round is the heart of Crazy Coin Flip Live. This phase doesn’t last long but is packed with excitement. The multiplier values range from 5X to 100X on both sides of the coin, red and blue. Like the Top Up phase, the Coin Flip Bonus Round is common for all players. The side of the coin for the player is determined after the multipliers are assigned to both sides. The game host then flips the coin, and players can watch the action live. When the coin lands, all multipliers (Scatter multiplier, Top Up multipliers, and Coin Flip multipliers) are added together to give your final multiplier.

Experienced players may face dilemmas such as whether to opt for the XXXtreme Spin or not, or whether to spin in the Top Up phase. These questions can be quite detailed and specific under the relevant rules. To answer them, we’ve interviewed four experts and calculated possible outcomes based on existing data. The most beneficial strategy for winning at Crazy Coin Flip Live turns out to be quite simple: avoid the XXXtreme Spin.

How to Win at Crazy Coin Flip Live

Understanding the phases of Crazy Coin Flip Live is crucial to your success. The Qualification phase is unique to each player, with different results and processes for everyone. On the other hand, the Top Up and Coin Flip Bonus Round are shared experiences, with all players witnessing the same process and results. However, your final multipliers are determined by the sum of your individual multipliers.

You might be wondering whether betting on the Top Up phase is a wise choice. The answer is yes, but only if you’re able to spin at least one bonus multiplier on each side. Typically, it’s safe to spin when the remaining time is more than 10 seconds, provided the turbo is on. Remember, always enable the turbo mode as your bonus multiplier depends on it. The more you spin, the higher your chances of collecting all three same-colored coin symbols. It’s a simple game of probabilities.

Best Crazy Coin Flip Strategy for 2023

Crazy Coin Flip Live Betting Strategy

When it comes to the XXXtreme Spin and Super XXXtreme Spin, our Crazy Coin Flip Strategy recommends against enabling them. Here’s why:

1. None of their RTPs exceed that of the normal spin, at best they are equal.
2. These spins increase your chance to enter the Top Up or Coin Flip Bonus Round, but nothing is guaranteed.

You might be familiar with Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. This can apply to spinning on Qualification for 100 times. Since you don’t get a guaranteed pass, only 1 and 2 fixed scatter symbols are assured, the result might not meet your expectations.

In conclusion, to win at Crazy Coin Flip Live, you should:

1. Apply the normal spin
2. Enable turbo mode
3. Bet on Top Up if the remaining time is more than 10 seconds or skip it.

And one crucial piece of advice that many overlook until it’s too late: Always play in a legitimate casino. After all, if you’ve spent time and effort learning how to win this game, the last thing you want is a casino that refuses to cash out your winnings.

Choosing the Best Crazy Coin Flip Casino

Play Crazy Coin Flip Live on Hawkplay Casino

When it comes to playing Crazy Coin Flip Live, choosing the right casino is crucial. Hawkplay, a PAGCOR licensed Philippine online casino, stands out as an excellent choice. With a track record of cashing out a whopping 25,000,000 pesos on a single Baccarat win, Hawkplay has proven its reliability and commitment to players. The lucky player, who used his winnings to pay his son’s hospital bills, is now a Hawkplay Agent.

As a cooperative partner of Evolution Gaming, Hawkplay Casino is fully authorized to provide their games, including Crazy Coin Flip Live, Live Lightning Roulette, Live Lightning Dice, and many more live casino games. In addition to these, Hawkplay offers a variety of other gaming options such as online slots, online fishing, bingo, Sabong, sports betting, and poker.

Hawkplay Casino runs daily promotions and offers free bonuses, with live sweepstakes also available on their Facebook page. These rewards can be utilized on Crazy Coin Flip Live, effectively allowing you to play for free if you use these rewards to win the game. Hawkplay supports GCash, GrabPay, and banks, ensuring a smooth and convenient transaction process. Members typically receive their winnings in less than 5 minutes, making Hawkplay a top choice for those seeking a seamless Crazy Coin Flip Casino experience. Join Hawkplay today and start flipping that coin!

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Yes. RTP that reaches over 90% is considered high. Crazy Coin Flip has 96.05% RTP on regular spin, making it easy to win.

Yes it is. All Evolution’s games are RNG tested and certified by third-party labs. You are able to see how the coin flips from the live video, the camera’s focus on this part tightly.

Crazy Coin Flip is a live game, which means it’s a real-time stream where participating players share the same results. However, the game consists of a RNG phase (slot machine), so it’s not until you’ve finished the phase to enter the common part – Coin Flip Bonus Round.

Because Hawkplay is simply the best online casino in the Philippines. It owns various gambling games, constantly holds events, pays out promptly, and is legally operated. Benefits players care about are in place, and it did charity to help poor Filipino children. Why not?

You absolutely can. It’s not against the terms of use universally. Try your luck on Hawkplay and see if you like it or not.