iRich Bingo – JILI Games introduction

iRich Bingo is a charming and outstanding bingo game from JILI Games that has beaten many famous casino games and ranks 5th among all the games. Why are Filipinos so fascinated by it?

Hit Bingo Game png
Hit Bingo Game

If Filipino want to play a bingo game. It will only be iRich Bingo.

For advanced png
For advanced

iRich Bingo is suitable for advanced players.

1500X bonus
1500X bonus

Up to 1500X bonus!

Get the WILD BALL png

When WILD BALL appears, players can choose the ball with the highest odds.

You can make a substantial profit in JILI iRich Bingo because it can cash nearly 20 bingo cards at the same time. With a bet of only ₱2 to ₱5, players can easily earn a high bonus of over ₱3000 in under 10 minutes.

However, we recommend this game only to advanced players due to the different strategy it requires compared to ordinary slot machines. It is also more complex and requires more critical thinking. Novice players may overspend due to poor strategy in selecting the number of cards and betting amount, quickly depleting their budget. Therefore, our team believes that this game is a double-edged sword and requires sufficient strategy and experience to profit from it.

iRich Bingo is for advanced players

If you enjoy a challenge, iRich Bingo is the perfect game for you! The HawkPlay team will guide you through this game and provide you with some of our expert tips and guides. We hope that by the end of this article, you will have gained valuable knowledge and insight into iRich Bingo.

Game Guide: How to Play JILI iRich Bingo?

It is easy, try to make the bingo line and that’s it!

iRich Bingo Card

1. 5×3=15 blocks, fill in them with numbers 1~75. Players can pick 1~20 bingo cards, they are between ₱1~₱50 each. When you click start button png 30 numbers will be chosen from the lottery box.

2. Once you fulfill the bingo line, you can get the correlated bonus!

iRich Bingo interface

1. Bingo card area:

Bingo card area in iRich Bingo

In this area, you can see the card you bought, minimum1 to a maximum of 20. If you are not happy with the number you get on the card, click “Change” to reset the order. When you are ready, click “START.”

2. Lottery ball and the bingo line area:

Lottery ball and the bingo line area in iRich Bingo

When the player clicked “START,” the lottery box will start giving numbers randomly, until there are 30 of them. If you want to check the bingo line, you can refer to the boards marked with red color at the upper part of the interface.

3. Extra ball area:
When the 30 numbers are all drawn and you are close to BINGO, you can buy 10 extra balls! (The price is labeled on the ball.)

Extra ball area in iRich Bingo

4. Possibility area

Possibility area in iRich Bingo

The probability area on the left of the interface will display the top three colored balls of the current situation, such as:
– Numbered 30, you can get a bonus ₱420
– Numbered 45, you can get a bonus ₱220
– Numbered 63, you can get a bonus ₱156
– The total amount of possible bingo profit is ₱1038

iRich Bingo special prize functions intro

1. WILD ball

WILD ball in iRich Bingo

There is a probability of a “WILD ball” appearing among the extra balls. When this happens, players will be prompted to select a number for the WILD ball based on the maximum 1-4 numbers of the “bingo amount”. If players fail to make a selection within 10 seconds, the system will automatically choose the highest bonus for them.

2. Special bonus

Special bonus in iRich Bingo

There will be 3 special bonuses, players will get one randomly. Click on the golden bonus to know the current timeline. Collect more bingo lines to trigger the bonus draw, pick 1~3 coins in 8 of them and get the bonus.

3. Free ball

Free ball in iRich Bingo

When you buy extra balls, there will be a chance that a free ball appears, then you can get another extra ball for free. (The system will pick one automatically if the player doesn’t choose.)

Tips to Win JILI iRich Bingo

This is a game that requires close observation, and rookie players may struggle to master it for two main reasons:

Reason 1: Buying too many bingo cards.
Reason 2: Betting irrationally.

We recommend that players first try the demo machine:

Take it slow, analyze the game carefully. Here are our suggestions:

Step 1. Observe and consider whether to purchase an extra ball after the lottery box starts drawing balls.



  • Already got 2 bingo lines
  • There are many possibilities for a bingo line, which means more bonus
  • Very close to getting bingo
  • Already got most of the golden bonus
  • When the extra ball is cheap (Why not?)
Don’t Buy EXTRA png

Don’t Buy EXTRA:

  • Not very expecting bingo lines
  • You will profit from a positive value after the 30 numbers are drawn, and you can consider continuing the next round
  • After 2–3 extra balls, you still don’t get significant bingo lines
  • Profit in positive value after purchasing extra balls, and you can consider proceeding to the next round

Step2. Three elements to observe in Each Game
Players must pay close attention to three key elements in each game: the “ball number/bonus amount,” the “golden bonus,” and the “current winning points.” This should be done after each round starts and after buying an extra ball to effectively control the game.

Step3. The balance between your Bingo cards and your bet
8 cards, ₱5 eachThis configuration is suitable for beginner players. Select at least 8 cards to increase the chances of a successful connection. Due to the high betting amount, please be cautious and observe the rhythm of adding and discarding cards carefully. This configuration allows novice players to observe every detail.

12 cards, ₱2 eachOnce players have adapted to the choice and rhythm of iRich Bingo, they can increase the number of cards to 12 and decrease the unit price of cards to ₱2 to increase the probability of success while maintaining the cost. This allows players to become familiar with the transition configuration of multiple bingo cards and eventually bet on 20 cards.

20 cards, ₱2 eachWe hope that players can familiarize themselves with the rhythm of betting 20 cards, as this is the configuration with the highest probability of winning. If even one card wins the grand prize, it can offset the small prizes won by multiple cards. With an improvement in experience, players can increase the betting amount of each card to ₱3-10.

Step 4. Others

  • Pick your EXTRA BALL
    Pick your EXTRA BALL in iRich BingoPlayers can choose their position of 10 extra balls. We found that WILD ball is particularly easy to appear in the yellow area in the middle, and barely in the position in the bottom right corner.
  • Wear earphone
    Listening to the game sound effects is particularly important in JILI iRich Bingo, as the gameplay can be quite complex and the sound effects can help players to better understand the current situation. When a successful connection is made, a small BGM will play. If the BGM continues with a continuous connection, it is a good sign that a grand prize may be won.
  • What done is done
    The game presents a significant mental challenge to players. Each purchase of an extra ball involves a cost, and the temptation to keep buying in the hope of a win can be strong. However, players must use the strategies of observing the ball number/bonus amount, golden bonus, and current winning points to judge whether to continue or give up on a game. Making these judgments is the only way to become a professional player and avoid losing too much money.

Where can I Play iRich Bingo in the Philippines?

iRich Bingo, one of the top five games produced by JILI Games, has gained immense popularity among players. In the Philippines, Hawkplay Casino offers the most comprehensive collection of JILI Games, including the latest genuine version of iRich Bingo. If you are looking to play bingo games, Hawkplay Casino is your best and only option.

It is important to note that several casinos claim to be the official JILI Games provider, but they have no association with the company. JILI only authorizes genuine games and provides them to legal online casinos in the Philippines such as Hawkplay, where players can enjoy a worry-free gaming experience without any concerns about illegal or pirated games.


First, an easy unexpected bonus. Second, every time a lottery ball is played, it is one step closer to winning. Third, it has a good reputation, which makes many people get a lot of benefits.

3 key point: “ball number / bonus amount”, “golden bonus” and “current winning points”. Keep your mind rational to place the right bet.

You can refer to our “casino guide” there are game rankings, and we especially recommend “Super Ace” “Golden Empire” “Money Coming” and “Crazy Hunter”. These are the most popular slot machines!

Please come to Hawkplay to play with real money on the genuine and legal iRich Bingo. Hawkplay is a legal online casino in the Philippines, Gcash is also available to deposit and cashout money quickly without any extra fee.

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