JDB Fish Game All Review & Gameplay Instruction

JDB Fish Game

JDB Fish Game has long been a popular project of JDB Gaming, even surpassing JDB Slot and ranking in the top five for several years. Although only five online fish games have been released so far, they dominate the fish game market with their incredible jackpot rates, various bullet upgrade systems, and extremely high odds from small games. Among them, Cai Shen Fishing is the most recommended.

All five of the JDB Fish Table games have an oriental vibe and revolve around wealth. The God of Wealth, Oriental Dragon, Ki-Lin, Pearl ─ they all represent money and treasure. Players can not only explore the underwater world but also easily acquire the wealth of sea dragons and the God of Wealth.

This review will provide real game images, introduce gameplay, and provide tips for winning. You’ll learn about the game and how to win at it. After all, if you can’t win money from it, the game itself is still fun, and you’re going to enjoy it, aren’t you?

Top 5 JDB Fish Games

JDB Fish Game currently offers five fish games: Cai Shen Fishing, 5 Dragons Fishing, Dragon Master, Fishing Disco, and Fishing YiLuFa. All five games support multiplayer, allowing you to play with up to four other players. It’s important to note that certain big targets can be difficult to defeat alone, so you’ll need to team up with other players to earn big payouts!

Name Maximum Win Review
Cai Shen Fishing
5 Dragons Fishing
Dragon Master
Fishing Disco
Fishing YiLuFa

1. Cai Shen Fishing

JDB Fish Game - Cai Shen Fishing

Cai Shen Fishing supports up to four players playing at the same time. Before entering the game, players can choose from three modes: Newbie, Expert, and Cai Shen. The difference between them is the minimum amount of each bet, ranging from PHP 0.1 to 100.

One notable feature of this fish machine is the special Cai Shen Fa Fa Fa target. Once you capture it, 5 red envelopes will appear on the screen for you to choose from. You can earn up to 1000X!

Cai Shen Fishing's bonus gameMoreover, there is also a special game called the “Wheel of Fortune.” If you capture a specific target, you can enter the game. You’ll need to choose one of three “Wheel of Fortune” options to be your “Lucky Position,” and the wheel will start spinning. If the wheel stops in the box above your selected Lucky Position, you’ll win a multiplier that can be up to 200X!

Cai Shen Fishing's Wheel of Fortune

As for our weapons, we have the Fortune Bazooka and Mega Drill, both of which provide free bullets and a 10X extra multiplier to help you launch a more powerful attack!

JDB - Cai Shen Fishing review

Winning Tips:
There will only be one Mega Drill, but it is extremely powerful and capture all targets on the screen, repeatedly bouncing between all the fish until the effect is over. Choose a good angle and fire the Mega Drill to capture Cai Shen Fa Fa Fa to win the big prize!

2. 5 Dragons Fishing

JDB Fish Game - 5 Dragons Fishing

If you’re a fan of Dragon Ball, you’ll love this fish game! 5 Dragons Fishing is often filled with different colored oriental dragons, including grey, blue, green, red, and gold. The catch rate can be up to 500X! However, these dragons move very quickly, so be sure to stock up on bullets before trying to capture them.

The most significant feature of this fish game is the Dragons Bonus. Once you catch it, you’ll enter the game after a cool animation. You’ll see 10 diamonds with different odds of pearls and different colors of dragon balls. You can win the 1800X prize directly!

5 Dragons Fishing's bonus game

For the weapon, there are also two special weapons: Shark Mouth Cannon and Depth Charge Bullets, both of which have 30 free bullets, and when you use a special weapon to capture a special weapon, you get up to a 25X bonus!

JDB - 5 Dragons Fishing review

Winning Tips:
The Shark Mouth Cannon has a special mechanic that gives you 2X to 5X extra if you use it to kill targets with a magnification below 10X. Use this to aim the low odds targets and you will make the steady win.

3. Dragon Master

JDB Fish Game - Dragon Master

Can you imagine a 3D fish machine? Well, Dragon Master is such a game! Instead of fish, you’ll be searching for living dinosaurs. The game can be played by up to three players at the same time and can be divided into three modes depending on your preferred betting amount.

You’ll encounter many lifelike ancient creatures, including dodo birds and bighorn deer! The main feature of this fish table game is the “Heavenly Blessing.” Once the mini-game is triggered, five red envelopes will appear on the screen. You can choose one or three envelopes to win the grand prize of 3600X!

Dragon Master's bonus game

Dragon Master has two types of special weapons: The Boomerang and the Explosive. The difference is that they don’t need to be captured by bullets. You can switch the turret directly from the right side of the interface. The Boomerang costs 6X of your bet per bullet, while the Explosive costs 15X. Use them with caution to capture a T-Rex!

JDB - Dragon Master review

Winning Tips:
Heavenly Blessing can be triggered in two ways: random shots and capturing a Golden Dragon Egg. In addition, you can only draw 1 packet with a normal weapon trigger, and 3 packets with special weapons such as Boomerang and Explosive. It is recommended that players switch to Boomerang to capture the Golden Dragon Egg when it appears, thus drawing three packs at a time to increase their chances of winning the jackpot!

4. Fishing Disco

JDB - Fishing Disco

Get ready to dance with sea creatures! Fishing Disco is like a nightclub from the ocean! The party never stops, with fancy fish wearing fluorescent sticks and colored sunglasses to add to the festive atmosphere. Those who attend will also have a chance to receive a 1000X bonus!

The game can be played by up to four players at a time, and there are three modes to choose from depending on the minimum bet. There are two mini-games to play, one of which is Dragon Disco. It can be captured directly with bullets and triggered with every shot. Players entering the game can choose one of five Disco balls with a maximum power of 1000X!

Fishing Disco's bonus game

Another game, Dance Music Wheel, is basically a game of “Hot Dance Spot” in which the player can choose one of the squares and win a multiplier of 40X to 200X after the Wheel rotates.

Dance Music Wheel png

Fishing Disco’s special weapons are captured with bullets. Disco Cannon has a 10X bonus multiplier and 20~100 free rounds that can be repeated up to 999 of them; The Happy Bomb also has a 10X multiplier, but if you own only one single chance, it will bounce back and forth across the screen until it explodes. You can completely free your hands and wait for the bonus to go into your pocket!

JDB - Fishing Disco review

Winning Tips:
Players can take advantage of the Disco Cannon’s ability to accumulate. Accumulate powerful free bullets by constantly capturing them, and then use them to capture Dragon Disco, Dance Music Wheel, or Rock and Roll Fish King. Get a great bonus for free!

5. Fishing YiLuFa

JDB Fish Game - Fishing YiLuFa

Does the name confuse you? In fact, “YiLuFa” comes from Chinese, meaning good luck will come one after another. True to its name, Fishing YiLuFa will give you the pleasure of constantly winning prizes. There is no target that cannot be solved with special weapons!

Inheriting the essence of the other four Fish Table games, this game also has two mini-games. Golden Wheel of Wealth is also a small game with wheel upgrades, but it has the “Wheel Upgrade” mechanism. The rate of the wheel can be doubled or tripled, and the position also has a chance to become two or three positions. This allows you to instantly win a large amount of money!

JDB - Fishing YiLuFa's Golden Wheel of Wealth

Fortune YiLuFa has another mini-game that allows you to draw five gold coins at a fixed rate. If you draw an orange coin, it adds up the multiplies of the other coins you draw, further increasing your earnings. The highest rate is for green coins, which can be as high as 100X!

JDB - Fishing YiLuFa's Fortune YiLuFa

Regarding its special weapon, it can be argued that it is the most unique among the five. It has three special versions. The first weapon is called the Ultra Bazooka, which has a 10X capture rate and a fixed number of 50 free rounds. The second, called the Frost Cannon, can be switched directly from the right side of the screen, slowing down the target and tripling the capture rate. The third, called the Super Frost Cannon, also switches directly from the right side of the screen, slowing down targets and increasing the capture rate by up to 10 times!

JDB - Fishing YiLuFa review

Winning Tips:
Fishing YiLuFa also has a special system called “Fortune Arrives”, which is triggered by catching Ultra Bazooka and a target called “Dancing Lion”. It has the ability to enhance bullets, use it to capture high-rate targets!

These are the five online fish machines from JDB Gaming, each of which is very popular and offers a casual and rewarding experience. These relaxed and simple recreational gambling games are especially popular among young players. After work, why not have some fun, relax, and earn some extra money?

Why Review JDB Fish Game Not JDB Slot

The reason we are introducing JDB’s fish table game in this article is that it is a mobile game that can be played anytime and anywhere. JDB Gaming has put a lot of effort into mobile device compatibility, making it possible to win money at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

Additionally, we have to consider “time” and “perception.” For the same amount of money, you can play longer on a fish machine than on a slot machine, and your thirst for entertainment will be better quenched. Also, you can attend events with family and friends while playing JDB Fish Game, and no one will suspect gambling since they look like fancy video games.

We hope this review provides players with a good gaming environment. However, if you prefer slot machines, we also have a list of JDB online slot machines for your reference.

Where Can You Play All JDB Fish Games

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JDB fish machine only online casino play can win real money, and Hawkplay will be your best choice. If you want to know more about casinos with JDB fish machines, check out this ranking of casinos.

You can’t deposit and withdraw money directly on the game, it’s just a game, not a platform where you can trade money directly. You should play through online casinos to store value and withdraw money.

Not only JDB, but the most fish game do not have RTP and volatility information.

Yes, Fa Chai fish machine is another good choice.