Tongits Online Game: Best Card Game for Filipino

Tongits is currently the most popular card game in the Philippines. Once you start playing this game, you will not able to stop yourself! This is how interesting Tongits is, making you forget all the worries and lost in this wonderful world.

We are not sure about the origin of Tongits, it started being popular in the Philippines in the 90s. The Filipinos is familiar with the game since young, we can say that it is our national game. Nowadays, there are millions of people accessing Tongits every day. We believe that with its popularity, it will be one of the most representative card games in the Philippines, even getting the chance to be introduced globally.

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How to Play Tongits by Detail Guide with Pictures?

The winning condition of Tongits — clear all the cards in your hand or do your best to make your point sum the smallest. To play Tongits, you need a deck of poker and 3 players.

STEP1: Point

Every card has a different Tongits point count.

Tongits point count overview
  • Kings, Queens, and Jacks = 10 points
  • 2-9 will count as what shows on the card. 8=8; 2=2
  • Ace= 1

STEP2:Dealing cards

Dealing cards in Tongits game

We need 3 players to play. The jokers need to be removed from the deck card. Then, roll the dice, the player who rolls the biggest point will be the banker, in charge to deal with the cards, 13 cards for the banker; 12 for the rest. The winner in each round will be the banker in the next round.

Place the rest of the cards in the middle of the players, they will be called the “stockpile” later, each player will take turns picking cards from here.

STEP3:Start Tongits!

Tongits Table

Starting from the banker, take turns in anti-clockwise.
1. Firstly, pick a card from the “stockpile”
2. Arrange your cards in the order of points, see if there are over 3 “meld” to deal
3. Play until you have no more “meld”, choose a card in your hand (usually it will be the one with the big point or the one not able to pair), and place it in the discard area.

TIPS: Holding more “meld” will help you win!

The game is to see who has the least point.

What are the meld pairs in Tonight

STEP4: How to Meld and discard?Generally speaking, dealing out “meld” and discarding until there is no more card left is how Tongits works. “Meld” is in 4 ways:

Meld 1: Paring with your cards.
If you have “meld” in hand, which means 3 cards with the same point, Straight Flush and Four of a Kind. Please place them face up, in order, so every player can see.

How to Meld and discard?
  • Example 1: If you have three 6, place the 3 cards face-up on the table.
  • Example 2: If you have ♦9♦10♦11♦12, place the 4 cards face-up on the table.

Meld 2: Pair the card you pick with the cards you have, don’t need to show.
If the card you pick from the stockpile can match with the cards you have, pair meld(s). it could be over a pair and you don’t have to show it to the others.

Tongits tip: Pair the card you pick with the cards you have, don’t need to show
  • Example: If you pick a ♦5 and luckily you already have♦3、♦4 in hand, you can pair a meld. You don’t need to show your pair.

TIPS: The hidden meld is the best way to trick others.

Meld 3: You can pick up the discard from the former player.
Keep an eye on the card discarded from the former player, you can pick up the card if you can pair it with the one you already have. You have to place the meld in the meld area.
Note that you can only pick up the discard from the “previous” player.

TIPS: J, Q, K are the most common discards.

Meld 4: Pair your card with the pairs in the meld area.
When it is your turn, you may pair your card with the pairs in the meld area.
Note: You can only do it in your round.

Tongits tip: Pair your card with the pairs in the meld area.

Let’s suppose your player A and player B deal out three K and flush of 6, 7, and 8 in the meld area, and you have a K in your hand, then you can pair K into Four kinds, to reduce the card you have in hand.

Example 1: You already have♣8♣12, they can be paired with other players’ ♣9♣10♣11.
Example 2: If you pick a ♦ 3. It can be paired with other players’ ♣3 ♥3 ♠3.

STEP5: Done paring meld deal one more cardWhen you don’t have any meld, you must discard a card to end this round. What card to discard requires the player’s experience.

1: Discard the high points, such as J, Q, and K
Usually, players will keep high-point cards in the early stage of the game. Maybe they can have the opportunity of meld to discard cards quickly. However, in the middle and later stages of the game, if they find that there is no chance of meld, they must discard them as soon as possible to avoid a large final sum.

2: Discard a single card that is difficult to match
If you have 4, 4, 6, 9, 9, then consider discarding 6

3: Discard the card just drawn from the stock pile
In the later stage of the game, there is a high probability that the cards you have drawn from the stockpile will not be beneficial to the current situation, so you may discard them decisively.

Tongits Tip: Done paring meld deal one more card

STEP6: Repeat the steps until the last cardPlayer 1 draw > pair meld > discard > Player 2 draw > pair meld > discard > discard. The progress will keep repeating until there the stockpile has no more cards, or someone says “Tongits”!

STEP7: How to win? Winning conditionsIn Tongits, there are several ways to win, players have to sum up the point of the cards they hold:

when you win in Tongits poker game
  • J / Q / K = 10
  • 2-9 will count as what shows on the card. 8=8; 2=2
  • Ace= 1

Condition 1: When the stockpile is empty
When there are no more cards to draw, three players can sum up the points on their hands. The player with the least points wins, which is a more common way to win.

Condition 2: “Tongits!”
When players deal with all the cards, please shout out “Tongits!” to win. You can only meld and discard the last card in your turn, not in the turn of other players.

If other players shout “Tongits!” before you (even if you’re about to), he/she won the game before it’s your turn.

shout Tongits!

Condition 3: “Draw!”
If you feel that your total score is the lowest at the moment, shout “Draw!” when it’s will be your turn.

Tongits tip: shout "Draw!" when it's will be your turn.

At this time, other players have two choices: discard cards or challenge.
–  Discard: when other players assume that their points are not low enough, they can only “discard” and admit to losing.

–  Challenge: Other players can also shout “challenge!”, and the two sides will compare the sum of the points, and the player with the smallest number is the winner.

Timing of shouting “draw”: If a player pairs their cards into your meld, you can’t call “draw!” Don’t shout “draw!” until there is no one pairing card to your meld in the next round.

TIPS1: The timing of shouting “draw” is very important,
it may be your only chance to turn things around!

TIPS2: To stop other players,
you can pair your card into their meld.

STEP8: Notice

1. Burned
When the stockpile runs out of cards, the game ends. If the player does not show any meld, he will automatically lose.
When the other players shout, if they do not show any meld, they will automatically lose, too.
This situation is called burned (sunog).

2. Discard area
Players can not take the cards in the discard area.

3. Challenge the “draw!”
Once a player shouts “draw”, others can challenge he/she. The player with the smallest number is the winner, but if they get the same point, the challenger wins.

4. Who’s the banker?
Roll dice to decide.

Is Tongits Legal in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, it is illegal for 3+ people to play card games. According to Presidential Decree No. 1602 amended by Act No. 9287, playing “Tongits” with money is regarded as illegal gambling.

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It has a long history, half of Filipinos know how to play it, and you can say it is the “national card game” in the Philippines. It is interesting but still needs a strategy to win, as you play you wouldn’t notice how fast the time goes by.

Unknow. The game was popular on Luzon Island during the 90s.

In the Philippines, it is illegal for 3+ people to play Tongits, but online Tongits are not this limited. Players can play in a variety of online casinos such as Hawkplay.

Yes, there must be three players. You can invite your friends and family, or go to Hawkplay to play with others.

Playing Tongits on mobile is the choice of most people, they will just download the app and play all day long!