Hawkplay Casino VIP member-only online + offline casino tour

Hawkplay Casino is the first casino to provide “online + offline” casino tours in the Philippines. As long as you become our VIP member, you can not only play the online casino game but also experience the luxury gambling excitement in physical casino. There will also be a shuttle pick service, five-star hotel accommodation, and Michelin food with no limited wine.

Your membership level and deposit amount are in common use both in Hawkplay’s online and offline casinos. For example, if you won 50 thousand in an online casino today, you may use the same balance in the physical casino the next day. This will not only save your time but also make gambling more convenient. It is currently the most well-designed and reliable VIP service, which allows players to deeply experience convenience in the virtual casino and enjoyment in a physical one.

Hawkplay casino five-star VIP member service

Become our VIP member to enjoy the exclusive service. High-class service and free accommodation, allow our members experience the luxuries lifestyle.

Our service included:

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Five- star hotel accommodation

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 Michelin food.

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 No limited wine.

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 Shuttle pick service.

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 Shuttle pick service.

hawkplay vip member

 Hawkplay VIP exclusive.

The service we provide is all free. You do not need to pay any extra fee. Apart from that, you don’t have to worry that this is fake information. There is already one lucky VIP member who enjoyed all the service above, let us tell you his story.

A day of Hawkplay VIP member

In April, our player, let’s call him Mr. M, won ₱ 25,000,000 in our casino. This is a huge amount for Filipino. Our manager specially invited him to be our VIP member, Mr. M say yes immediately and he is willing to try our first ever “online + offline” casino tour.

This was his schedule:

05:00 p.m. Took our shuttle pick up arriving at the 5- star hotel we booked Enjoy fine wine with friends

07:30 p.m. Check in a deluxe suite, enjoy room service

10:30 p.m. Visited the hotel restaurant. Order beef hamburger and beer

00:00 a.m. Ordered schweinshaxe and Bulalo beef

01:00 a.m. Spent his late night gambling at our offline casino

04:00 a.m. Returned to the hotel

04:20 a.m. Ordered room service food (schweinshaxe, vodka cocktail, fruit)

11:00 a.m. Check out

You can see that Mr. M enjoyed his time and the schedule was all made by his wish. We had our specialist with him 24 hours, and of course, the above enjoyment did not cause him any penny.

When we asked Mr.M about his stay. He gave us a very positive feedback.

“I feel relaxed during the whole experience. It’s extremely satisfying.” 

He said that he loved the food (especially schweinshaxe) and the facilities in the hotel. What’s more, all these fulfilling services made him bet more cheerfully in our physical casino. He was really satisfied with the experience and would like to remain a member of Hawkplay Casino VIP.

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How to become a member of Hawkplay Casino VIP?

Hawkpaly casino is the top-class casino in the Philippines, if you would like to be one of our VIP members, please consider registering on our website first, you may deposit and play on Hawkplay Gaming. After you invested a certain amount of bet, our specialist will contact you by the phone number you provide us when registered. If you want to know more about the details, feel free to contact our 24- hour customer service. We welcome any of our players to become our VIPs!


You are able to play in both online and offline casinos with free hotel accommodation and delicacies.

Register at Hawkplay888.com, deposit, and enjoy the best gambling experience you have. We also have our Maserati lucky draw on going every month!

Mr. M is no one special, he is a local Filipino just like you and me. He was lucky enough to win ₱25,000,000 at our online casino!

Absolutely, YES. He was so lucky. You can visit https://www.facebook.com/hawkplaycasino/

To know more detail about Mr. M.