Download Hawkplay App on Boracay’s Paraw Sailing Trip

Download Hawkplay App on Boracay’s Paraw Sailing Trip

Download Hawkplay App with your significant others on Boracay Island’s paraw. Hawkplay Casino made it one of the most fascinating tourist activities – paraw sailing, where you can enjoy an enchanting noon or beautiful sunset. Not to be confused, our application is accessible anywhere on our website, but now our logotype and brand name are vividly printed on five paraw’s sails along with the app QR Code. Amazing!

Boracay Island became a tourist resort for its island hopping and sunset sailing. Before, the paraws were used for fishing and transportation. Now, you have a new choice. Winning while sailing on the Pacific Ocean! It’s completely legal to gamble in Boracay since it’s a part of the Philippines, and Hawkplay is the only online casino reputable enough to accompany you during this stunning journey.

Hawkplay App Goes Live on Boracay Paraw Sailing

Hawkplay special project

Hawkplay repeatedly reports to be the best online casino in the Philippines. After collecting years of experience in the online gambling industry, we finally get to walk into the public. You may see online casinos advertising themselves on the Internet, but almost none of them have ever break through the third wall to interact with you in real life. Pure magic to see this happening in our early carriers. It’s an established milestone we are looking to disseminate long and far.

Hawkplay wishes to spread our reputation out and let more people know about us. We have the hugest online gambling resources here in the PH. Games, cash-out time, promotions, free bonuses, live sweepstakes… you name it. Plus, online betting only occupies a small part of the large pie, we also devote ourselves to charity, just like PCSO. What can be expected in Hawkplay is not only entertainment, but also sharing and caring.

The quickest and easiest way to share your love is by downloading our app. Every bet you place is going to be the foundation of Hawkplay Charity Project. But before you get involved, you might want to know more about our mobile application.

What Hawkplay App Offers

Hawkplay App Offers

Filipinos spend a good time on their mobile phone. A 2022 statistic shows that 73% of which spend at least 5 hours daily. If you’re merely a tourist, you should’ve noticed about it. That’s exactly why we developed our own-branded application on Android and iOS – handier, safer, faster.

It’s always easier to tap an icon instead of many. Download our app on your phone to save you the time to type in the search bar and login to your account. Just one finger flip, you’re able to access hundreds of real money games.

Since most Filipinos use Android mobile, the risk of getting invaded is relatively high. Android the operating system could be an easy target in the circumstances of an open-source environment, chances are your devices get infected visiting any site. Our app keeps you safe.

Live dealer fans frequently face difficulties of unstable connection and delay. Using a browser to watch live streams is unavoidable to encounter lag, but using our app will prevent this from happening.

The Hawkplay App includes online slot, bingo, live casino, Sabong, online fishing, sports betting and poker, each of the category consists of tens or hundreds of games. Downloading, registering and betting all help improve a poor kid’s life. They depend on you!

How to Download and Sign up Hawkplay Casino

Download and Sign up Hawkplay Casino

Downloading our app is very easy. Scan the QR Code showing on the sails or visit our website to start your download progress. The installation procedure is the same with other third-party apps. If the instruction’s unclear, you may check our detailed guide here.

Now that the app is installed, what you are going to do next is launch it and sign up for an account. Signing up to be a Hawkplay member is fairly easy too, the registration only requires your username and password. Still, if you need further interpretation, we have the perfect guide just for you.

Hawkplay Casino sincerely invites you to appreciate the beautiful sea view from Boracay Island. Our blue-painted paraws showering the azure of the Pacific Ocean during the noon, and soaking the dusk of nightfall in the evening. Believe it or not, our blue sails carry the dream of your wealthiness and others in need. You might be confused – why does an online casino decide to walk into public views and do charity? Simply, we want to give back to society.

Download Our App and Join Hawkplay

Download Our App and Join Hawkplay

Paraw’s floating, love’s echoing. Our fresh QR Code printings flying in the sky for you to download. The core of Hawkplay Charity Project is to give back to the society in the Philippines, hoping every Filipino ever participated in our project could send their love to those in need.

We promise to donate 1% of your betting to the project and send supplies to remote villages. From the pictures, you can see how severely poor the village’s conditions are yet how the smiles on their little faces were shining. While you are having fun and winning jackpots on our site, you automatically donate to the poor villages in faraway mountains.

Pick up your phone and focus the camera on our paraws. Your participation matters!


Hawkplay does have a legal license. The entire online casino is certified by PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation), which is supervised by the Office of the President.

Yes. You have every right to gamble in the Philippines as long as you’re 21 years old. Presidential Decree No. 1067-a states that PAGCOR regulated institutions and activities are allowed to provide services to people in the Philippines.

The Hawkplay Charity Project is a project to help orphans and unsupervised children located in remote areas, usually villages in the mountains. We voluntarily donate necessities on our own, using the betting you might ever take part in.

Yes you can. The application is built for better user experience solely, it doesn’t make any difference in terms of gameplay or functions.

We have ₱10,000 first deposit bonus, Slot 1% Rebate, 27% Loss-Gain bonus, Bingo 1% Rebate, JILI Double Win, 6% Deposit Bonus right now. Hawkplay constantly runs events on our site and Facebook.