Hawkplay Charity in Philippines Manila

Look, the kids are so happy to get new jerseys!

Hawkplay regularly donates supplies to Filipino in need as part of our efforts to give back to the society.

We prepared 70 households of basic supplies, including second-hand clothes, rice, noodles, canned food, potato chips, and a custom-made Hawkplay 2022 World Cup soccer jersey to surprise the kids.

Hawkplay Charity in Philippines Manila
Hawkplay Charity in Philippines Manila

Different from other charities, we didn’t contact any social welfare organizations beforehand. Instead, we drove ourselves along the mountain road of Manila with generous gifts, checking their living conditions every village we encountered.

Why does Hawkplay doing this?

We hope to hand out supplies to villagers who need them most by our own!

Most of the tribes that work with social organizations already have a steady support, while some villagers deep in the mountains lacking people to reach out; transportation there remains difficult from time to time. Fortunately, after driving a few hours through the mountains, we came across this village which needs an immediate help.

It’s a remote mountain in Manila, most of the villagers earn little income and rely on farming to make a living. Even lacking of financial resources, they are still enthusiastic and hardworking. The villagers were all wide-eyed when they saw our arrival. Visitation rarely happens in this village. They were so happy about it.

Hawkplay Charity in Philippines Manila

Watching their excitement as they lined up to get their clothes and chips, Hawkplay’s charity team felt fully content. The children’s eyes lit up as they excitedly put on their jerseys and listened to us tell them that this year is the annual World Cup soccer tournament. Numbers on the jerseys are exclusive, we all laughed as several children shouted the numbers on their backs, like they were part of the soccer team.

Hawkplay Charity in Philippines Manila
Hawkplay Charity in Philippines Manila

Join hawkplay to help more people in need

Hawkplay will continue to focus on helping the people in need. Every bet you place makes more families and children to smile. What a beautiful thing to witness, isn’t it? We kindly ask you to support our program, A Helping Hand for A Heart of Hope. See you at our next philanthropic activity!

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