Jili Slot – Hot Chilli and its Advantage

Hot Chilli Mega Win

The Hot Chilli slot is an exotic online slot machine created by JILI Games‘ lead designer and inspired by the prestigious Mexican culture. Tacos, cactus, chili peppers, and pinata — all of which emphasize the bold Mexican culture — make it possible to win money and experience local customs, even if you’re in a different place.

The core of Hot Chilli is in the free game. As long as the player collects the Chilli Symbol, he/she can expend the board and change the symbols of a particular reel into the Wild Symbol, which greatly increases the connection and directly increases the winning rate of the player.

Jili Slot: Hot Chilli slot review
Hot Chilli
Min/Max Bet: ₱1/1920
Jili hot chilli pngJili hot chilli png, mobile version Platform: iOS/Android/Windows/MAC/HTML5
Max Win

4 Features of JILI Hot Chilli Slot

3 extra reel
slot icon

In the free game, players unlock their board in three stages, reaching a maximum of 20×12.

High combo chance
Win icon

If a number of chilli symbols are collected, part of the reel can be locked into Wild symbols to further improve the combo rate.

High RTP
High RTP

This is a high RTP online slot and the bonus players can get is very high.

Double bonus
bonus icon

All bonuses in the free game are automatically doubled.

How to play Hot Chilli (following the rules)?

Hot Chilli slot starts with a 5×3 boards, but enters the free game with two more reels and adds two more if the player collected the chili symbol. The player will end up with a total of four 5×3 boards, making a total of 20×12. At the same time, when the symbol reaches 9/14/30, the 5th/4th/3rd reels are replaced with a Wild Symbol and locked, making it easier for players to combo.

Reel, payline

Starting with a 5×3 board, with 25 paylines; After collecting 9/14/30 chilli symbols, the board will become 10×6/15×9/20×12 and the paylines will be 50/75/100.

Free Game

When the scatter symbol appears in any three reels, the player can enter the free game and gets 12 free spins. In the free game, you can also get a scatter symbol, adding 3 more spins, can add 3 more Free Spins. For a free game, all odds will be doubled and there will be an extra board to start with.

Wild symbol
Wild Symbol can connect to all symbols and has its own bonus multiplier.

Jili hot chilli's wild symbol png X5 = 2000

Jili hot chilli's wild symbol png X4 = 500

Jili hot chilli's wild symbol png X3 = 75

Jili hot chilli's wild symbol png X2 =25

Scatter symbol
Scatter Symbol is used to activate Free Game and has no bonus multiplier of its own.

Jili hot chilli's scatter symbol on any 3 reels = Free Game

Jili hot chilli's scatter symbol on any 3 reels in Free Game = additional 3 free spins

Other symbols

Guitar symbol png X5 = 1500

Maracas symbol png X5 = 1000

Hat symbol png X5 = 900

cactus symbol png X5 = 800

taco symbol png X5 = 700

Chilli Symbol

hot chilli symbol png x9 unlock 3rd new board and fix the 5th reel for all Jili hot chilli's wild symbol png

hot chilli symbol png x14 unlock 4th new board and fix the 4th reel for all Jili hot chilli's wild symbol png

hot chilli symbol png x30 fix the 3rd reel for all Jili hot chilli's wild symbol png on all 4 boards.

How to Win Hot Chilli with Real Money

The player’s primary goal is to gather three scatter symbols and enter the free game. Collect chilli in the free game to unlock more board and combo chancers. It is recommended that players increase their bets before entering the free game to maximize their bonus after entering.

Super Win on the Jili hot chilli slot

Hot Chilli Slot in a nutshell

Hot Chilli, an online slot game by JILI Games, stands out for its uncommonly high combo rate. Unlike many other game providers, who try to decrease the chances of players achieving matches in order to create a significant revenue gap, JILI Games aims to give players more opportunities to connect, ensuring that everyone has a satisfying gaming experience.

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JILI Slot is all online slots produced by JILI Games, and Hot Chilli is one of them. Their common feature is “high combo rate”, which is emphasized again and again in this paper. Want to know more? Please refer to the Jili Slot – Buyable Free Game Slot Online | Casino Arcade

The squares in the game. The more squares there are, the higher the number of Symbols will be, so online slots with more squares will usually win.

A RTP is “return-to-player” that measures how much money the player actually gets in proportion. The higher the RTP, the greater the chance of winning money.

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