Slot RTP: The Knowledge Players Should Know

If you enjoy playing online slot machines, you are probably familiar with the term “slot RTP” or “return to player”. As the name suggests, it refers to the percentage of the bet money that a slot machine will repay to the player over time.

For example, if a slot machine has a RTP of 97%, and you bet ₱100, you might expect to receive a return bonus of approximately ₱97. However, since the data is calculated over a long period of time, the exact duration of which is unknown, slot RTP is only an approximate reference point. Therefore, players should always consider their budget when placing bets.

The Principle of RTP: How Slot RTP is Calculated?

Now that you have learned that a high RTP value is not everything, but can be used as a reference index along with other factors for choosing online slot machines. If you want to know how slot RTP is obtained, it’s generally simple for all games:

Amount returning to the player

The total betting amount


Although players can test the slot RTP of the game by themselves, in a formal slot machine development process, experts conduct a large number of simulated rotations of the online slot machine, which may amount to tens of millions, hundreds of millions, or even tens of billions. After continuous testing, the value of slot RTP over time is determined. Relevant verification, certification, and regular testing ensure that these values are correct.

It is difficult for us to know the top-secret of a business, but in general, among popular casino games, the average slot RTP values are as follows:

  • Online slot machines – RTP94~97%
  • Online fish games – RTP93~96%
  • Roulette – RTP97.3%

Other games, such as baccarat and blackjack, are slightly more complex and strategic-related card games, where the player’s decision will directly affect the RTP. If there is a perfect strategy, the RTP can be as high as 99.66%. However, an extremely bad strategy will result in a lower RTP value.

What is the Average RTP of a Slot Machine?

Although many casino games are labeled with RTP, slot machines are still the most related to RTP. Compared with other games, the game tempo of the slot machine is faster. RTP has become the key value for many players to choose slot machines, so the value of RTP has become more and more generous in recent years.

Physical slot machine



Online slot machine


Slot machines are divided into physical slot machines and online slot machines. Generally speaking, the RTP of physical slot machines is lower than online slot machines. Because the expenses of physical stores are huge and the cost needs to be recovered, the RTP of physical slot machines can be as low as 75% most of the time, while the average RTP of online slot machines is 94 ~ 97%.

There are 2 extreme sayings, first, slot RTP is meaningless, and these values do not affect the winning rate. The second is the opposite, not more than 97% of slot machines nor you should play. This is the charm of slot machines. Players can draw their conclusions by actually trying it out! In addition to slot RTP, players can also consider another slot machine index, the “volatility.” This is related to the winning frequency of slot machines.

The Relationship Between Slot RTP and Volatility

You can choose a slot machine with high RTP. You may ask, are there other values that can be considered? Yes, the volatility.
If RTP is the reference of return bet amount, then volatility is the “winning frequency” of the overall bet amount. Try to play 3 different slot machines with ₱ 1000 at the same time and see how differently when it comes to rewarding. Some slot machines win bonuses frequently, while others win fewer times but with a big amount. This is the difference in volatility.

Take JILI slot, for example, the volatility will be marked as numbers of chili pepper at the right-hand side on the preview.

Slot RTP and Volatility

We can know from the picture, the volatility of Lucky Coming is 2 and War of Dragons is 4. Therefore, it can be seen that the volatility of the war of dragons is high. Our explanation is as follows

High volatility - low winning frequency but with a bigger winning amount

High volatility in slot machine

We can see that the wavelengths are large. Under the same amount of time, the slot machine with high volatility will give players less winning frequency, but the bonus is bigger.

Low volatility - high winning frequency but with the smaller winning amount

Low volatility in slot machine

On the other hand, low volatility has smaller fluctuation, but the winning probability is very frequent with a smaller bonus.

How to Pick a Slot Machine According to the RTP?

It is a sure thing that players pick a high RTP machine, and excepting them to bring a lot more bonus. Hum, yes, it may work. But there is always a gap between what you expect and reality. Especially when you only play for a short period, RTP is useless. You may get an immediate return, or no return at all, depending on the random results. To test RTP, you should play for a longer period and record the total feedback amount of each slot machine.

Over relay on RTP is not a good thing, but you can use RTP as a filter. The principle is as follows:

1. The first filter: Pick an RTP rate higher than 96%.
2. The second filter: Check the volatility and choose your favorite.
3. The third filter: Pick your favorite game theme and try it.

In this way, play to accumulate experience. We believe you will soon have your list. These are the key to an exclusive win!


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If it is a simple calculation and reference by the player, there is a formula:

The total amount returned to the player / the total betting amount of the player = RTP (%)

You can enter “slot machine name + RTP” directly at your search engine, and you can know the RTP. If there is no RTP on the first three outcome pages, it means that the game provider has not released this information.

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