How do I bet boxing with real money? Online boxing betting guide

Boxing has a long history in the Philippines. All Filipinos, know the name of Manny Pacquiao. He is the only boxer in history who has won 12 world championships. The whole country stopped everything just to watch his boxing matches. A true national hero.

Legal boxing in the Philippines today is mostly done on the internet. Come and bet with HawkPlay, a safe, secure sports betting site that you can trust and meets all of our standards, follow the 4 steps below to place your first boxing bet.

Step 1: Register
Visit Hawkplay, click “Sign up.” Enter your user name, password, invitation code, and it’s done! It won’t take you 30 seconds.

Step 2: Deposit
A deposit is needed before betting. Hawkplay support is various depositing methods. Credit card, bank transfer, e-wallet, etc., also including GCash, you must deposit a minimum amount of ₱200.

Step 3: Bet
After your deposit, you may join the betting! Go to Home > SPORT > Crown Hall > Fight line. Pick your favorite candidate/betting type/betting amount, key in your amount, and submit your boxing ticket.

DONE! Wait for the bell to ring and enjoy the fight!

Online boxing basic rule and betting qualification

How do we bet? The most common way is to bet with a Moneyline wager. For example, we have Mayson Merrill and Rudy Dudley to fight, then we will have serval betting types.

More fight on online boxing Philippines

Straight Bets


You can see the (+) and (—) in front of the odds, the winner is often with negative odds. If you want to bet on Merrill, you need to spend 160 to get only 100 profit. On the other hand, betting will have a better +160 odds, but general thinking this boxer has a low winning chance.
In conclusion, the “Winer” are often with –odds and the “Underdogs” are with high odds, but they have pretty much no chance to win.

Total Rounds Bet (aka Over/Under Bet)

MERRILL VS DUDLEYBoxing Over/Under Bet
Over 10.5 Rounds
Under 10.5 Rounds

The key to this kind of betting is the rounds. In boxing, the maximum will be 12 rounds. If you believe that they will still be fighting after the 10th round, then you can bet with -105 odds. If you believe that there will be some elements making the match ends before the 10th round, you can bet on the underdogs, the odds will be +125.

Prop Betting
All sports bets have prop betting options, so does online boxing.
To make it simple, this type of bet will have a lot of events for players to bet on. These are not necessarily related to the final outcome of the match. Rather than betting on which boxer will win, it is better to bet on how the fight will end.
Possible propositions or events for prop betting are:

1.Will There Be a Knockdown?

Will There Be a Knockdown?

If you bet yes, you will win the odds if one of the two boxers needs to be knocked down.

2.Will There Be a Point Deduction?

Will There Be a Point Deduction?

Boxing matches are scored by round! If there is a foul or a knockout in the game, the corresponding points will be deducted. If one of them hits another’s lower body or the back of the head in violation of the rules, one point will be deducted, and one knockdown will deduct 2 points. The outcome will be judged right away.

Boxers will usually avoid a point loss and get a knockout, the above situations are rare.

3.How Many Punches Will Merrill Land?

How Many Punches Will MERRILL Land?
Over 200 Punches
Under 200 Punches

We can even predict how many punches a certain fighter will throw. Boxers with a high win rate MAY NOT make more punches, which can be calculated by looking at past video records to make some statistics.

Tips on betting boxing online

In 1988’s WBC the most popular match was Thomas Hearns vs Iran Barkley. Everyone thought that Thomas Hearns will win as usual, but it came out that Iran Barkley had won the game. The classic incident has been called “1988 Upset of the year.” Most of the players who had placed their bet on Thomas lost their money with sorrow.

The moral we can learn from this story is the elements that made victory aren’t only about popularity and the odds. What we need to do is to know more about boxing. The more you know the more you can prepare for your bet, smartly.

Place read our guide, it may help you maximize your profit.

Moment when the boxer got punched
Moment when the boxer got punched

– Number talks
Players familiar with online boxing should know the site “CompuBox.” It was set up in 1995 for a detailed analysis of the match. Punches were thrown, Power punches per round, Jabs per round elements like these will be provided for professionals to study. Subscription needed to get complete information.

– Using odds converter
Search “Odds Converter” and you will see many useful tools. You may use them to know a boxer’s winning chance. For example, a popular boxer’s odds is 1:500, his winning rate is 83.3% you may add your logic to predict the outcome.

– Is the matching happing in the boxer’s hometown?
Everyone wants to feel like a hero coming back home. With the support of hometown residents, the boxer often did better. When you realize this detail, you are one step before others.

– How has the boxer been doing recently?
Boxers are also human, and human physical conditions cannot always be at their peak, especially facing injury, which may have a huge impact on the next match. Tracking a boxer’s status is the most basic background knowledge before placing a bet.

– What is the style of the 2 boxers in the upcoming match? Who will prevail?
Do you know the “Battle of the Century” in 2015? Mayweather VS Pacquiao, one is the Philippine boxing champion Pacquiao, the other is the god of defense Mayweather, the media and experts have been pouring out predictions and comments, and it is impossible for us to see who get the victory.

Their styles are so different. If you want to judge who is in the better position, you may look at the history of boxing and find out the records of similar styles to study.

The Great Boxing "Battle of the Century" in 2015
"Battle of the Century" in 2015

Is betting boxing online in the Philippines legal?

All Pilipino can bet via all legal online casinos like HawkPlay, we hold Isle of Man gambling license as an official legal online casino in the Philippines, offering bets on boxing and many other sports events for registered members over the age of 21.

However, due to the pandemic, the government has conducted restrictions on gatherings since March 2020, causing a reduction in the number of boxing matches. If you want to see blood-boiling boxing matches with audiences, we can only hope the epidemic will slow down this year.

2022 Top 10 Filipino boxers

The World Boxing Council (WBC) released the latest rankings of Philippine boxers. They are from different divisions. The rankings are as follows:

2022 Top 10 Philippine boxers in the Philippines

minimumweight (105 Ibs)
No.2 Melvin Jerusalem

light flyweight (108 Ibs)
No. 5 Mark Vicelles  

No.7 Edward Heno  

No.10 Jaysever Abcede

flyweight (112 Ibs)
No.7 Jay-R Raquinel  

No.8 Giemel Magramo 

No.9 Jonathan Taconing

No.10 Genesis Libranza

super flyweight (115 Ibs)
No.6 Donnie Nietes

bantamweight (118 Ibs)
Champion Nonito Donaire Jr.

FeatherWeight (126 Ibs)
No.3 Mark Magsayo

welterweight (147Ibs)
Champion Errol Spence, Jr

No.3 Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao has become the icon of all Filipino boxers and makes them work harder to stand out in every competition. Boxers in all levels had given us excellent performances. If there are boxers you support, you may wish to actually participate. Encouraging boxing to become more popular and popular in the Philippines, and able to promote it to the world.

Where to bet online boxing?

Wanna bet? Come to Hawkplay.
There are many casinos to place your bet but we recommend you to Hawkplay! It has the most complete e-sport platform and a fast cash flow. You can deposit or cashout your profit within 24-48 hours.

– Exclusive advantages of online betting
We have to tell you that using online betting is actually quite an option because it gets better odds:

The competition in e-sports is fierce, and online bettors cost less manpower and venues, so most of the costs of manpower and venues can be returned to players. The odds will be about 3~5% higher.

Imagine how it would affect your budget after a month or even a year if you had a 3~5% higher odds in every win, this is why we are saying online betting is better, many people underestimate the benefit of online betting, bet smarter from now on!


There is no doubt, Manny Pacquiao is the legend. He is seen as one of the greatest boxers of all time. Pacquiao is the only eighth-level world champion in boxing history and has won 12 world championships, and Filipinos are buoyed by it. Pacquiao stated of his early years, “Many of you know me as a legendary boxer, and I’m proud of that. However, that journey was not always easy. When I was younger, I became a fighter because I had to survive. I had nothing. I had no one to depend on except myself. I realized that boxing was something I was good at, and I trained hard so that I could keep myself and my family alive.”

Hawkplay is your best choice. We are a few casinos that are legal and provide high security. Now, Crown and United Gaming are two e-sport halls for you to bet. There are boxing, football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, hockey, badminton, handball, etc.

Tips: Avoid fake news, pay attention to the injury one had, watch one’s past matching record and win stats, etc. You have to view more and look for any clues of winning.

Yes! But no one does that, let’s say there is a +450 vs -500 boxer match and you bet 1000 on both of them, if the +450 boxer wins you get 4500, but if – 500 boxer wins and you get 500, which just makes you less profitable, so it’s better to only bet on one side.

Signing up with HawkPlay only takes a few minutes, and after you deposit, you can place your bet right away, if you want to join the match tonight, it’s time to set it up.

Yes. Any citizen over the age of 21 can bet at legal online casinos.