Watch cockfighting on Diamond Sabong88

Come and watch the fun with us! Watch the legal sabong live. In Diamond sabong88, we have achieved a smooth video with HD ultra-high image quality, which is not much you will find in the market. The transmission systems of other platforms are often stuck or blurred because their technology is not as advanced as ours. Diamond sabong88 has European engineers using the latest serial connection technology, it can ensure that all players experience the excitement of being there!

Besides, we are also a PAGCOR certified legal website. There are hundreds of matches going 24 hours live every day. You can watch on various devices such as your phone or the computer. The most important thing is that you do not have to risk yourself in the possibility of getting COVID-19 infection, you can enjoy cockfighting at home and every game you have.

HD Sabong Live

HD Sabong

Using European transmission and serial connection technology, sabong, the best online live broadcast in the Philippines

24/7 Live

24/7 Live

Over hundreds of Sabong match going around the clock non-stop


PAGCOR approve

Philippine cockfighting official license to provide players with legal betting

Watch Sabong on Multi-platform


On mobile phones, computers and tablets, any device can watch live broadcast immediately

HD Sabong

HD Sabong

Watching sabong online is the safest choice

How to register on Diamond Sabong88?

Sabong88 is a well-known live source of cockfighting. You can register online at hawkplay gaming and get free viewing qualifications immediately. His betting interface is also quite simple. Everyone can understand and bet successfully in the shortest time!

Step 1: enter the official website of hawkplay gaming
You can see that Hawkplay in a blue eagle image. Click “Sign up” and get into the registration progresses, it only takes 3 simple steps to finish.

How to register on Diamond Sabong88 by Hawkplay?

Step 2: Fill in your basic information
1. User Name: 4-10 letter and number, need to start with an English letter
2. User password: 4-20 letter and number, please confirm it again
3. invitation code: If you have one, please fill it in, if not you can skip
4. Check “agree terms of service”
5. Click “Sign up” and you’re done

Step 2: Fill in your basic information on Hawkplay

Step 3: Enter Diamond Sabong 88 to watch cockfight
Click the “Menu” at the very top of the page, choose COCK FIGHTING > DIAMOND SABONG to enter the live broadcast.

Enter Diamond Sabong 88 to watch cockfight for free

Step 4: Start the Sabong bet!
The interface is mainly in 4 areas:

Start the Diamond Sabong88 and bet on Hawkplay Casino!

1. Live Broadcast:

Players can watch live here. The interface will be adjusted according to your screen size, so you can watch it on all devices with no problems.

2. Betting Area:

Open for Betting
Last Call
Fighting …

Green represents open betting, yellow is the last call, and red is in battle, no betting.
Players can choose Meron (red), Wala (blue), or Draw (TIE). The minimum bet amount is ₱ 100. The order is ₱ 200, ₱ 500, ₱ 1000 and ₱ 2000. Players can adjust their amount according to their budget.

3. Game History:

In this area, you can see the game history of Meron and Wala. Many players will calculate the history of the game to formulate betting strategies and predict future winners.

4. Account information:

Your user name and the deposit amount will be displayed here, including account information, bet amount, deposit history, etc. If you are a novice betting on sabong for the first time, we suggest you look at the rules in the menu.

How to play online Sabong88?

The rules of online sabong are much simpler than physical sabong: there are only three bets, there is no need to carry complex gestures, you can watch the state of cockfighting from a close distance, and you can bet at home in the most comfortable posture.

Let’s briefly explain the process of cockfighting betting. Most people can complete these steps in a short time:

How to bet online Sabong88?

The rules of online sabong are much simpler than a physical one, there are only three bets, there is no need to carry complex gestures, you can watch the fight from a close distance, and you can bet at home in the most comfortable posture.

Let’s briefly explain the process of online sabong. Most people can complete these steps in a short time:

Deposit PNG
1. Deposit Note: the minimum amount you need to deposit in the official website is 200. Please deposit in Hawkplay official website according to the minimum amount.
Bet Cockfight PNG

2. Bet
Now you can start betting! Before that, you can take a look at what is online sabong? How to register online live sabong? For supplements.
Diamond sabon88 has only “Meron (red), Wala (blue) and Draw (green)” in total. Please decide your bet within the time, and then bet your favorite cock.

Win the bonus PNG

3. Win the bonus!
If you win, your bonus will be immediately displayed in the “account information” on the left. The tempo of cockfighting is very fast. If you are not ready, it will be safer to wait for the next game.

Why is it important to play legal sabong?

A week before the release of this article, Philippine senators expressed their hope to suspend the issuance of “e-sabong” licenses due to the current rampant illegal cockfighting, which means that there may be fewer and fewer legitimate online sabong. If players do not support legitimate cockfighting, PAGCOR will face operational difficulties.

However, for players, betting on illegal online cockfighting itself is a great risk. Illegal cockfighting websites may be closed at any time, and the hard-earned money of players will be lost. Please try your best to avoid these very high-risk actions.
E-sabong broke out quickly after COVID-19 broke out. Filipino players have turned to online betting since then. They unexpectedly found that they can watch cockfighting at close range as long as they are at home, and they can enjoy a cockfighting without spending traffic time and taking risks to crowded places. In order to preserve the history of cockfighting in the Philippines in a positive way, we suggest that you bet legally. A legal website must contain two kinds of licenses:


 If you want to bet legal sabong and get a safe and secure bet, please join Hawkplay gaming.

Watch online sabong live at Hawkplay is your best choice

Betting online sabong on Hawkplay has several benefits:

1. Quick and convenient deposit and cashout:
Hawkplay is a large-scale online casino. It is very convenient and fast to deposit and withdraw money. It won’t take long working days and handling fees like a small casino, which is necessary for players.

2. Absolute safety:
Have you ever thought about the risk you face playing on small casinos with unstable operation? The budget deposit by players may disappear overnight, which won’t happen in Hawkplay. In order to protect the privacy and deposit of players, 256MB professional SSL encryption technology is also adopted, which is absolutely safe.

5 1

3. In addition to sabong, there are thousands of fun games
Deposit once, you can play thousands of games! Besides sabong, you can also play slot machines, fish machines, baccarat, blackjack, e-sport in Hawkplay. This is the most effective way for players.


At present, only the video source authorized by PAGCOR is legal. In addition to obtaining the official legal gambling license of the Isle of man, Hawkplay also uses videos authorized by PAGCOR for players to play games.

Please go to our customer service, our professional team will give you a satisfied answer.

After analyzed, our team has obtained some guidelines to improve the probability of winning cockfighting. Please see this article to get some inspiration: what is online sabong? How to register online live sabong?

If you are familiar with animals or have some experience, please share with us. Maybe you can also become our columnist!

There is no doubt that Hawkplay is legal, safe, with many games, fast and convenient deposit and cashout, and own HD high-quality live video, which is very suitable for all players.

Sabong is open 24 hours a day. You can enjoy the exciting cockfighting at any time.