Big Win Casino Player Wins ₱25000000 in Baccarat

That’s BIG WIN! In May 2022 a huge bonus of ₱25,000,000 was given out in Filipino online casinos. A player (we will call him Mr. M) plays baccarat in Hawkplay casino. He won 25 million which is 416 times more by only ₱60,000 budget. This is the biggest bonus from baccarat in online casino history.

This had surprised everyone because it never happened before! It was just like a movie! The lucky winner isn’t someone special, he is just like all of us, an average citizen. Using only a ₱60,000 budget, he successfully asked the lucky god to stand at his side. Now he owns a life with no financial worries. No one ever expects him like this.

Who is the 2022 Big Win Casino Winner in Baccarat?

Mr. M is good at baccarat. He lost money in another casino, so he came to on the recommendation of a friend. After a few wins in Evolution baccarat and Sexy Gaming, he knew his luck was coming. He boldly bet all the money into Evolution Speed Baccarat A’s “Banker”, fortunately, won more than 2 million, he knows that good luck is still on the way, so he used the maximum limit to bet again, did not expect to win this big, just in 2-3 days, his total bonus came to ₱25,000,000, It’s crazy!

You may wonder, who is Mr. M? We can’t tell you due to privacy. He’s a native of the Philippines. Age under 50, and when he shared with us how he spent his winnings, he was grateful that Hawkplay cashout to him so he can pay for his son’s medical expenses (yes, his son was hospitalized, that’s why he was willing to take a big gamble), He plans to use the money for a better life for his family, perhaps to buy a new house or travel around the world, and Mr. M is determined to keep betting on Hawkplay888 because it has brought him great luck.

Mr. M

How does Hawkplay Cash Out 25 Million?

₱25,000,000 is a giant bonus, Hawkplay did as Mr. M asked, cash out 10 million first to his bank account. However, due to the bank regulation, there is transfer limited. Finally, we cashed out the bonus in 7 days by 200 separate times to him!

25 million

Hawkplay Casino is an honest Casino, the amount won by guests will be paid to each other as scheduled, this is our place of trust. The guest used the bonus to pay off the loan and debt of the whole family, and referred his son to the best hospital for continuous treatment.

The Best Online Casino in the Philippines - Hawkplay Casino

There are a number of new online casinos in the Philippines for players to choose from. Hawkplay is by far the best among them. It is the top casino in terms of Internet speed, cash out speed, online promotions and number of games. Hawkplay is leading the pack: Best Online Casino Sites Philippines for 2022

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VIP Service in Big Win Casino

Hawkplay Casino has an incredible amount of resources. It is the number one online Casino in the Philippines, at the same time providing casino game guides, and most importantly, in 2022 Hawkplay Casino launched the “VIP Golden Club” service, which integrated online and offline casinos. Golden VIP can not only play casino games online but also allows you to physical casinos for free. As long as you are a VIP, you can enjoy the following services:

1. Top-class shuttle service to the physical casinos
2. 5- star hotel accommodation
3. Unlimited fine dining
4. Personalized travel planning

Maserati lucky draw

Mr. M was the first member to enjoy the service, he invited his friends to arrive at the casino, they enjoyed the delicious grilled steak with vodka, sleep in a 5- star hotel, of course, all of these are free, all food and lodging expenses shall be payable by us if you become our VIP member, all these services are you deserve it!

Hawkplay Casino is the only online casino in the Philippines with this service because we value the rights and interests of our members and hope to make you feel at home. Join us now! Register now to get 3% cashback, and participate in the Maserati lucky draw, the promotion is available only until the end of August, we will give out a total of 3 Maserati, with a monthly announcement winners list!


As the casino has just started, detailed rules will be announced to everyone in the future. As far as we know, players must bet more than the specified amount in Hawkplay to become a member of the “VIP Golden Club”.

Yes, but you’ll need a lot of luck, strategy, vision, and bold bets to win such a big prize.

Go to, register and deposit, and you will have an automatic chance to win a Maserati.

As long as you become a member of our VIP Golden Club, we will give you a list of the physical casinos.