Hawkplay Deposit Bonus : Get 3% Bonus Cashback Unlimited!

3% cashback to every deposit! HawkPlay hold the most promotion among many online casinos, bringing the surprise to all their members! From now on, a member deposit over ₱500 will get a 3% cashback!

1. Unlimited times per day
2. Online bank and GCash is also available

It’s once in a blue moon, members who want to deposit please don’t miss the chance. There are not many casinos that do the same as HawkPlay, get the cashback right now!

How to get Hawkplay 3% deposit cashback?

Very simple. Follow our steps, Log in/register, deposit and you can get 3% cashback. It won’t take you 5 minutes.

Step 1 – Register at HawkPlay:
If you want to be one of the members, you may go to the official website HawkPlay Casino and click “Sign up”. HawkPlay member already? Please skip stepping 3.

sign up with HawkPlay

Step 2 - Fill in basic information (only take you 1 minute)

Fill in basic information with HawkPlay

Fill in your basic information:
1. User name: 4-10 characters, only letters and numbers, and start with a letter
2. User password: 4-10 characters, and confirm the same password again.
3. Referral code: Remember to fill in the referral code given to you by the introducer. If you do not have an introducer, you can skip it.
4. Check “Agree on Terms of Service” and “Sign up” to submit and complete the registration!

Step 3 – Log in and deposit for the game

Log in and deposit for the game with HawkPlay

It only takes 1 minute to deposit. After logging in, click the wallet symbol [main wallet balance] in the upper right corner and click [deposit]. Currently, there are two ways to deposit, and you can get 3% cashback:

Method 1 [Bank] for credit card / online transfer
Method 2 [GCash] is used for cash recharge, done immediately
Choose a way to deposit and deposit the minimum amount of ₱ 500. Note that the 3% of the gift must be in your turnover.

Well done! You have received a 3% cashback! Remember, the more you deposit, the more you earn. Don’t miss this opportunity you must complete the value storage before the end of the promotion!

How to manage the 3% deposit cashback on Hawkplay?

Your cashback will be automatically charged into your wallet. To view the current deposit amount, please click [account details] in the upper right corner, which has detailed information on deposit, cashout, and game profit.

The bonus will only be sent after completing the deposit conditions. You can do it unlimited times in a single day to get the cashback. This bonus applies to all games in HawkPlay Casino: including slot machines, fish machines, roulette, live dealer games, sabong, crazy time, etc. you can play your favorite games with these bonuses.

If you are a rookie player and don’t know which game to start with, you may want to refer to some of our guide article:

Download Hawkplay APK and play any casino game at anytime

It is so convenient to have a Hawkplay app, high level players always have on their devices.

  • One click at any time to play, do no more to spend time searching online
  • HawkPlay APP won’t occupy your phone storge
  • More privacy and mobility

It only takes 3 steps to download the hawkplay app immediately:
Step 1: Enter Hawkplay app download page and choose the system of your device (Android/IOS)
Step 2: Open the app, login or register
Step 3: Done! Play thousands of casino games now!

Download Hawkplay APK for Deposit Bonus

Which online casino has the most promotions in the Philippines?

HawkPlay Casino provides the most popular bonus for beginners and advanced players. As long as you join us, we will regularly hold more promotions and give feedback to players, which other online casinos in the Philippines don’t do. HawkPlay hopes that players can have more fun here. Our goal is:

Play! No limits! Without limits!!

We are generous. We hope to run our casino with a profit and happy atmosphere. Such positive energy is the biggest feature of HawkPlay. Therefore, don’t hesitate to join us immediately, and you will get more satisfaction!


Currently, there are online banking (BPI, UBP, RCBC) and Gcash, you can both operate on your mobile and PC.

The time is not certain, because this is a very rare opportunity, so we recommend players to hold on this time. It is suggested to deposit the budget for half a year to one year first. Even if you want to withdraw them later, it is quite easy.

With no doubt, the slot machine will be No.1. Especially JILI slots. Lining up with “Crazy Time” “Roulette” and “Sabong.”

It’s very convenient and fast. The biggest downside of other casinos is that they take too long to deposit and withdraw money, which is quite unreasonable. Here, you can enjoy the rocket-like deposit and withdrawal speed without waiting.

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