Best Online Slots with Highest RTP in 2024

In this guide, we have listed 10 outstanding slots with the highest RTP, and we will highlight the unique features of each game. Even if you already have your personal favorites, we highly recommend checking out our recommended slot machine, as they offer some of the best slot RTP.

If you’re ready, please join us in exploring the magical world of online slot machines. And of course, if there is a particular slot machine that catches your eye, feel free to try it out on Hawkplay Casino – we offer the best slot machines in the Philippines!

Top 10 Online Slots with Highest RTP in 2024

Slot Name Provider RTP% Highest odds
#10 slot with highest RTP - The Invisible Man slot
The Invisible Man
Evolution(NetEnt) 96.4% 1000X
#09 slot with highest RTP - HOT POT PARTY slot
Fachai 96.5% 50000X
#08 slot with highest RTP - Dead or Alive 2 slot
Dead or Alive 2
Evolution(NetEnt) 96.82% 111111X
#07 slot with highest RTP - Blood Suckers 2 slot
Blood Suckers 2
Evolution(NetEnt) 96.94% 1298X
#06 slot with highest RTP - TutsTwister
Tuts Twister
YGG 96.5% 130X
#05 slot with highest RTP - Thunder of Olympus slot
Thunder of Olympus
BNG 97.01 1000X
#04 slot with highest RTP - Jokerizer slot
YGG 98% 4000X
#03 slot with highest RTP - Pharaoh Treasure slot
Pharaoh Treasure
JILI 98.34% 5000X
#02 slot with highest RTP - JILI Bao boon chin slot
Bao boon chin
JILI 98.62% 2000X
#01 high rtp slot - Crazy777
Crazy 777
JILI 99% 3333X

Top 10 Review: Online Slots with Highest RTP

#10 The Invisible Man (Evolution) -96.40%RTP

Evolution Slot - The Invisible Man with RTP 96.40%
  • Game features -Adapt from the movie
  • Game features -Moving WILD, hit the payline more than once!
  • Game features -Impressive visual effect

Have you seen the movie The Invisible Man? This slot game is a co-branding collaboration with Universal Studios, based on the popular 1993 film. The story revolves around an experiment gone wrong, which results in the creation of an invisible man who poses a threat to the town. The game’s dark atmosphere serves as a constant reminder to players to stay alert and cautious at all times.

Thankfully, the police officers are there to come to our rescue! Whenever the invisible man or the officer appears, it triggers the reels to re-spin. The “Police Wilds” appear on the first reel, and the “Griffin Wilds” on the fifth reel. The WILD symbol moves with four free spins, and when reels 1 and 5 move towards each other and meet, the player gets another four free spins.

The Invisible Man slot is a 5×3 board slot machine with an excellent RTP of 96.4%, higher than the average. Although the multiplier may not be outstanding, if the wild symbol appears continuously, the bonus will be much higher than expected! Enjoy the impressive visual effects and look forward to the epic fight between the police officer and the invisible man.


FA CHAI Slot - HOT POT PARTY with RTP96.50%
  • Game features -Excited 50,000x bonus
  • Game features -RTP 96.5%!
  • Game features -Special challenge!

Hotpot is now the latest theme in slot games! The various ingredients and the mouth-watering broth will make you crave for it even more. Come and play now to win your hotpot dinner budget! Although it may not be a mainstream slot, its 96.5% RTP and 50,000x bonus are too special to ignore. Win your bonus in Hot Pot Party slot with all the delicious ingredients!

What sets this game apart is its uniqueness:

1.The cheerful background music and fancy hotpot ingredients create a humorous and playful atmosphere.
2.It offers three special challenges, where you can level up from 4×4 to 6×6 by collecting 15 teapot symbols.
3.The game has very low volatility, meaning frequent wins are more likely.

Everyone loves hotpot, and Hot Pot Party slot will make you fall in love with it even more. Come and play this slot game with us!

#8 Blood Suckers 2 (Evolution) -96.94%RTP

Evolution Slot - Blood Suckers 2 with RTP96.94%
  • -Vampire!
  • -RTP 96.94%!
  • -Amilia the Vampire queen helping you hit the paylines!

The vampires in Blood Suckers 2 slot game may give you a bit of a scare, but for some unlucky players, this game may bring a sense of accomplishment. With an average of 2.5 spins to have a win, Blood Suckers 2 slot attracts players with its unique style and Gothic-themed slot machine, which features some special gameplay.

SCATTER SHOT: By getting two scatters, Amilia the vampire queen will shoot a red heart with her arrow, triggering the “Blood Rose Free Spins” for up to 20+ spins.

HIDDEN TREASURE BONUS: By obtaining 3 Bonus symbols, you will be led to the castle basement where you can choose from four coffins filled with all kinds of treasures. But beware, if you choose the one with the devil, you will be hunted by the devil and the free game will immediately stop, unless you get the key symbol and defeat the devil to win a 670x bonus.

Considering all aspects, the RTP of Blood Suckers 2 slot is above average, making it an outstanding slot game.

#7 Dead or Alive 2 (Evolution) -96.82%RTP

Evolution Slot - Dead or Alive 2 with RTP96.82%
  • Game features -Bonus purchase available
  • Game features -RTP 96.82%
  • Game features -111,111x bonus

Dead or Alive 2 slot is a sequel to the 2009 game “Dead or Alive slot,” where five characters can bring you unexpected bonuses up to 111,111x! The game is set in the evilest western American town in history, where cold-blooded leaders, local ruffians, reckless robbers, an evil madam, and a thief queen are hiding. As a player, you must play the officer and arrest them all before the train robbery happens.

With an RTP of 96.82%, Dead or Alive 2 slot is recognized by players as the “king of free games.” It is one of the slot machines with the highest odds, allowing players to get up to 111,111x bonus in the free games.

Our team highly recommends Dead or Alive 2 slot, especially since players can buy it with 66x of their bet to get 12 free spins. Among the available bonuses, we recommend the “train heist free spins feature,” which has very low volatility. As long as you get a wild symbol, you can get one more spin, and if you are lucky, the multiplier can reach 16x, giving you an endless free spin and a chance to get non-stop bonuses!

#6 Tuts Twister (YGG) -97.1%RTP

YGG Slot - Tuts Twister with RTP97.1%
  • Game features -RTP 97.1% with intermediate volatility
  • Game features – “King Tut rose”
  • Game features -1000x bonus in re-spin

This game will take your breath away! When King Tut awakens from his thousand-year sleep, it means that infinity combos are on their way! YGG Slot has done an excellent job in their game’s visual presentation, making it feel like a professionally made movie.

By getting 2 King Tut wild symbols, the Twister feature is triggered. One WILD symbol will turn into a whole column of tornadoes, with the multiplier starting from 2x. For every three wild symbols that increase, the multiplier will be increased by 1.

There are hieroglyphs on the reels, and if there are wild symbols on the reel, the wild will be randomly displayed. If it is the same as the symbol on top, the symbol will be filled and trigger the Twister collection, leading to greater victories.

There are many ancient Egyptian themed slot machines out there, but none are like Tuts Twister slot. With an RTP of 97.1% and an exciting game with perfect visuals, this is the best!

#5 Thunder of Olympus (BNG) - 97.01%RTP

BNG Slot - Thunder of Olympus with RTP97.01%
  • Game features -Speed game tempo
  • Game features -Collect the lightning ball for more bonus
  • Game features -RTP 97.1% with low volatility allow you to win frequently

Among the slot machines we recommend, Thunder of Olympus slot has the fastest tempo in the game, and it’s not sloppy at all! You can quickly spin and hit the paylines immediately, making it perfect for those with an impatient temperament who don’t want to wait for non-stop spinning symbols.

Although Thunder of Olympus is a slot machine produced in 2020, both its visuals and BGM are quite nostalgic. The game has a 3×5 board with 25 paylines, and by collecting three scatters, you can trigger 8 free spins. If you get 6 lightning balls in the free game, you can trigger the “Hold and Win” mode and collect more prizes on the lightning balls. In the end, your bonus will be added up, and with an RTP of 97.1%, it’s a satisfying figure.

The settings in the game are classic, but our QA team was able to enter the free game twice in just three minutes, successfully entered the hold and win mode, got more lightning balls, and won 125 times the reward in a short period. This is an eye-catching feature, and the fast pace and extremely low volatility will surely impress players.

#4 Jokerizer (YGG) - 98%RTP

YGG Slot - Jokerizer with RTP98%
  • Game features -Special Mystery Win
  • Game features -RTP 98%
  • Game features -Collect the clown symbol to get 6000 golden coins!

Jokerizer slot ranks as No.4 on our list, with a 98% RTP – it’s the most you can ask for! This game is simple and straightforward, with nothing complicated other than the clown. When the clown appears, you should pay attention, as it has two functions.

By collecting three Jokers on the reels, you can trigger this mode. When entering this mode, you will need to choose between “Play” or “Pass.”
Play: The bonus you get will be saved to your account.
Pass: You can get 20 golden coins.

This function only happens in Jokerizer slot’s mode. If you collect more than two jokers on the reels, you can get 20-6,000 gold coins. But if the jokers are aligned diagonally or horizontally, you can get 6,000 gold coins right away.

Players can enjoy the satisfaction of clowns in this late-night amusement park. What can be happier than a clown that gives money?

#3 Pharaoh Treasure (JILI) - 98.34%RTP

JILI Slot - Pharaoh Treasure with RTP98.34%
  • Game features -Pharaoh theme slot machine
  • Game features -RTP 98.34%
  • Game features -Up to 117,649 paylines

This JILI slot has an RTP of 98.34%! We suggest that players go for machines with more than 98% RTP and choose the one that suits them best. It won’t take you too long to try these high RTP slot machines in this guide and find some great ones, such as this ancient Egyptian style Pharaoh’s treasure.

The biggest feature of the game is the no-limit free game! Three scatters can trigger the free game, and collecting more scatters in the free game can get you more free spins with no limit. Your good luck is unstoppable, free spin after free spin! What’s more, Pharaoh’s Treasure has 117,649 paylines, which is an amazing number. JILI Games made quite the right decision, as the rich payment lines and large reels make it more likely for players to win.

JILI slot machines generally have a high RTP value, various styles, and are full of rich interest, which is why players love them from the bottom of their hearts.

#2 Bao boon chin (JILI) - 98.62%RTP

JILI Slot - Bao boon chin with RTP98.62%
  • Game features -Rich bonus game
  • Game features -98.62% over average RTP
  • Game features -MUST play slot game

JILI Bao Boon Chin’s theme is inspired by the Chinese detective TV series “Justice Bao.” The main character, with a black face, and his partners started a series of stories of arresting criminals and solving cases. During that time, this TV series became a trend, and every family stayed tuned in front of the TV and waited for the latest episode.

JILI Games has produced a slot machine based on this theme, with a 98.62% high RTP. Bao Boon Chin slot is very popular among advanced slot players in the Philippines, as people like the stable bonus win and the free game that appears every time they play. It is widely loved and praised by Philippine players as a “MUST play slot machine in life.”

Many players earn a bonus as much as their monthly pay by playing Bao Boon Chin slot. In the game, what players expect the most is to see the appearance of the lion head symbol scatter. As long as three consecutive lion heads appear, nine free games can be triggered. If there is a sword symbol in the free game, the bonus multiplier will be +1, which is quite exciting. We are all willing to spend our time on Bao Boon Chin and wait for the moment when the gold coins rain down to celebrate the victory!

#1 Crazy 777 (JILI) - 99%RTP

JILI Slot - Crazy 777 with RTP99%
  • Game features -RTP 99% Top 1 among slot machines.
  • Game features – Quickly spin and hit the paylines immediately.
  • Game features -Classic slot machine

Crazy 777 slot won first place as the highest RTP slot machine. This JILI slot machine has an RTP of 99%!

This is a very classic slot machine with a fast game tempo. You can see the results in one second and cash the bonus immediately. The refreshing style is rare in slot machines lately, making it the most suitable slot machine for players who only care about money! It has only one 1×3 board, and the rules of the game are quite simple. As long as there are three identical symbols in the line, you can get the corresponding bonus.

The special reel on the right can randomly turn to symbols of bonus doubling, additional reward, and re-spin respectively. In particular, re-spin can randomly transfer out free spin for 1~5 times and has a must-win chance. This is the most essential function in the whole game. As soon as we see the reel area turn blue, we can expect that there will be a grand prize coming!

JILI Crazy 777 slot has a high RTP and low volatility, which means that it brings players more frequent rewards and lower risks. If you haven’t tried this game yet, be sure to play it. It’s charming and will bring you surprises.

How Do We Review High RTP Slot?

At Hawkplaybet, we have a well-designed review system that ensures fairness in evaluating each game and helps us determine what makes a good high RTP slot machine. We believe that a good high RTP game should not only have a high RTP value, but also consider other factors such as game quality and additional functions that can increase the chances of winning. We take a comprehensive approach to our evaluation process, which includes the following steps:

RTP value:
We order slot machines based on the RTP value provided by the official sources. We select and keep only those with RTP between 96% to 99%. We evaluate hundreds of slot machines based on this criterion.

Game function:
The main functions of the game are evaluated based on the following criteria:
-Free games: We assess the requirements for entering free games and the initial number of free games.
-Jackpot: We consider the jackpot as a ticket to a big bonus.
-Volatility: We assess the winning frequency of the slot machine by matching it with the game symbols.
-Combo and wild symbols: We evaluate the presence of these symbols in low volatility slot machines to increase the chances of winning.

Popularity is an essential criterion that indicates the slot machine has created many winning opportunities and is certified by players. In addition, in jackpot slot machines, the more players bet, the higher the bonus, which makes reputation an important element.

On-going Promotions:
Some slot machines come with promotions that can increase the chances of winning. For example, JILI Games usually has ranking and bonus accumulation activities that provide free item cards. NetEnt’s Evolution offers the opportunity to buy free games that can increase the winning rate.

P.S. Our QA team registers, deposits, and tries out various slot machines, evaluating them based on these criteria to ensure that we provide reliable recommendations to our customers.

Where do I Find the High RTP Slots Online Casino?

If you’re in search of a high RTP slot machine, Hawkplay is the perfect place for you. We update our games regularly, providing the most popular slot machines from brands such as JILI Games, Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Fa Chai, JDB Gaming, Play N Go, and more. We also offer helpful strategies and guidelines to enhance your playing experience. But that’s not all! Aside from slot machines, we also offer fish games, table games, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, EVO live crazy time, Sabong, boxing, and much more.

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RTP is shortening from “Return to Player.” The average will be 94%-97% player would like to choose slot machine with a higher RTP. Know more: What is RTP in slot machines? Full Slot RTP Guide 2023

Players can search the keyword “slot machine name + RTP” on the Internet, or go to the official website of the game manufacturer of the slot machine.

Currently, we, have the most slot machines. Other than the Top 10 high RTP slot machines provided in this guide, you can also check other articles on our site. We will update the high RTP slot machine guide regularly.

Volatility is the frequency of winning the game. High volatility means that the winning frequency is low, but the bonus is high; Low volatility is the other way. For jackpot, you can read our article: How to win Jackpot slot by 7 tips?

If you view to profit the most, you can choose slot machines with high RTP and fast game tempo. If you care about the process of game experience, JILI, YGG, and Evolution (NetEnt) designed their game well. Key point is to play more demo machines, you can know what is best for you.

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