CQ9 Gaming-Online Casino Games with the Highest Win Rates in Asia

CQ9 Gaming set out from Taiwan in 2016. After 6 years, it has become the casino game that has the highest winning rate: including slot machines, fish machines, live casinos, sports betting, etc. Players all praise these games for bringing them much money to realize their dreams, especially in the Philippines and Thailand, people trust CQ9 games, which has helped the brand firmly take root in the Asian market, ready to make its way to conquer the world.

The main idea of CQ9’s game production is: “to understand thoroughly the psychology of players”, they have tapped into players’ desire to use the least bet to gain as much as possible. So game’s volatility has been finely tuned. Lottery is frequently drawn, allowing players to be satisfied by the money they gain in a short period of time.

You may not know CQ9 Gaming very well. It has more than 600 employees in its brand’s headquarters, including game planners, graphic designers, software engineers and mathematicians, etc. The games are now available on more than 6,000 top gaming sites around the world, and their performance has grown rapidly, and such figures rival already the level of well-known game companies such as NetEnt and Pay n go, which are popular in the world. Therefore, a bright future of CQ9 is in sight.

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CQ9's Game Style and Technology

The cute and funny cartoon style has always been the image of CQ9’s games. They bring a very relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. The company is not afraid to try new things. From classic fairy tales, folklore to Chibi animation, the diverse styles are also widely loved by players.

Technically, they use HTML5 encoding from the beginning to make the game support computers and most mobile devices, and have a more stable core system to ensure smooth gameplay. At the same time, the numerical module of CQ9 is developed based on the natural probability “RNG”, and has obtained the credibility certification of the international game organization GLI (Gaming Laboratiories International), which means that all the games of CQ9 Gaming are hard work of fairness and justice.

Recommended CQ9 Gaming Popular Slots

CQ9 Gaming has produced numerous popular slot machines. These games are truly “cash cows” in the eyes of players. We will introduce to you the slot machines that are the easiest to win and the most praised by players:



Number one on the leaderboardwith stunningly high multipliers!

This is CQ9’s most popular “Jump High” slot machine. It has always occupied the top two positions in the rankings. Due to its popularity, there have been as many as 10 Jump Series games in the same series, which are quite popular among players.
Playing Jump High is like walking into an American nightclub, using a lot of neon elements, where you can relax with a drink and dance with friends all night.

The most famous symbol in the game is the “Golden Ball” symbol, as long as you get 5 of them, you can enter 12 free games, if you get 6 of them, then the reward will be doubled, if you get 7 of them, then the reward will be tripled.

The rewards won’t double at every game, which means that the more free spins, the higher the multiplier. The outrageously generous multiplier is why players can’t live without it.

CQ9 Slot: Gu Gu Gu

CQ9 Slot: Gu Gu Gu
The high reward of 30,000x The rooster lays the golden egg!

“GU GU GU” features a rooster that crows early in the morning. In China, the rooster represents wealth and good luck. This game also has an amazing multiplier: the super prize of 30,000 times, which is enough to completely change your life.

If there are more than 3 roosters in the game, then you can enter more than 15 free games, with a total of up to 100 games, and as long as there is a “Golden Egg” symbol that goes with everything, score will be multiplied by 5 times for any combination. This simple and unique jackpot rule is the main reason why Philippine players love “GU GU GU”!


Easiest slot machine ever!

SNOW QUEEN provides an unprecedented super simple interface: 3X3 roulette and 5 paylines, but it provides a very generous reward system, the Snow Queen’s own symbol multiplier is as high as 3000 times, as long as the connection is successful, you can get quite a nice bonus.

As long as the full screen is filled with any symbol, you can enter 8 free games, and as more and more symbols spin, the multiplier will increase to 2X, 4X, 8X, 16X, 32X, 64X, 128X! It is probably the first time that you see a slot machine with such simple rules, and that’s what makes it so fascinating.

Recommend CQ9 Gaming Popular Fish Machine

CQ9 Gaming is the pioneer of fishing games. Players can always get great satisfaction and excitement in the fishing pool. It features the classic fishing experience, provides a variety of artillery batteries and an abundant school of fish, and adds story elements, such as collect dragon balls, defeat the Dragon King, and beat the level together, etc., which are very interesting.

CQ9 Fishing: One Shot Fishing

CQ9 Fishing: One Shot Fishing
One-handed operation makes capturing easier!

There are a total of 3 levels in the game “Oneshot Fishing”, which can be played by up to 4 people at the same time. In order to meet the needs of the mobile phone market, a one-handed fishing method suitable for vertical screen mobile devices has been introduced, which can be quite an advanced design.

Players can randomly obtain mysterious dragon balls when catching common fish species. As long as they collect 7 dragon balls, they can summon the dragon boss. After defeating it with friends, they can get an amazing prize of 500 times!

CQ9 Fishing: Paradise

CQ9 Fishing: Paradise
A large number of fish, the rewards are endless!

This is a paradise for fish and a paradise for players who want to make money. The most eye-catching part of the game is that it has a huge variety of fish: the scary prehistoric giant crocodile, the playful kung fu sea-cows. And if you hit a special fish, you can roll dice and turn the roulette to get extra bonuses. Such various way to play can only be found in “Paradise”!

CQ9 Fishing: Lucky Fishing

CQ9 Fishing: Lucky Fishing
Powerful arsenal, gather energy to kill BOSS!

“Lucky Fishing” is where players can explore the colorful underwater world in search of lost treasures.
The biggest feature of the game is that players have a super rich arsenal! There are 3 artillery batteries in total, which can collect gas while attacking the fish. When the gas is full, it will automatically become an advanced artillery battery, each with different powerful attacks.

In addition, after killing the fish, BUFF will be randomly dropped to help players strengthen various abilities, and there is also a chance to get the strongest drill cannon to challenge the legendary fish king to win prizes!

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Because CQ9 has understood players’ mentality of wanting to win big with small bets. As a result, all its games are adjusted to lower volatility, which means that players can win more frequently.

The volatility refers to the “winning frequency” of the overall betting of the game. The lower the volatility, the higher the winning frequency. For a detailed explanation, please refer to this article: What is RTP in slot machines? Full Slot RTP Guide 2023

It was made in Taiwan in 2016. Taiwan is a country where gaming OEMs are prevalent. They are good at designing slot machines and fish machines, and they are determined to adjust the winning rate of the machines. Compared with machines made in Europe and the United States, Taiwan-made machines are much easier to win.

Undoubtedly, the answer is Hawkplay Casino. CQ9 has a total of more than 200 games, all of which are available here.

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