2023 Top 10 easy winning alternative games

What games will the hit in casino 2023 be? In the world of online games, new games are launched every day. In addition, there is always something waiting for you to explore. But do you know that sometimes those games not on the ranking are actually more interesting and excited, and most importantly, you can even win more money?

The purpose of this guide is to introduce some “not so popular” but easy winning games to readers. The top 10 games are carefully demoed, rated, and analyzed by our editors. They are not less interesting than those ranking games, follow our guide and you will be surprised.

No.10 Secret Treasure: Crake the slab stone to get the treasure

Easy winning game No.10: Secret Treasure

Our editors said:★★★★★(5/5)

Stress-releasing satisfaction! Knock away the slab to drop the gold!

-When the treasure box is full, the bonus is also here!
-A bigger bonus when you are in 2.0 mode!
-Being brave and being smart is the key to victory!

Follow the brave and beautiful adventurer into the mysterious jungle, we are going on a treasure hunt! Secret Treasure is the stress-releasing game that all of our editors agree with. The role in the game keeps knocking the slab stone away just to get the golden box. The player will feel satisfaction by seeing the tall stone tower be destroyed. To the player who has pressure, this is your game!

4 tips to win:
🤟 1. Treasures are also in the stones, maybe they will appear at the very first stone!
🤟 2. Three special treasure boxes, get them to find out what is it?
🤟 3. Being brave and be smart is the key to victory!
🤟 4. Use the hummer of thunder to increase the winning chance.

You may be surprised by our feedback, and you don’t even have to pay half the game to find the treasure. This is a game with less popularity but full of surprises.

No.9 Tokyo Kombat: Multi-player online fish game

Easy winning game No.9: Tokyo Kombat

Our editors said:★★★★★(5/5)

Let’s go, mate! Time to fight for our country!

– 3 game halls, 3 betting ranges, no pressure!
– Multi-player online, up to 6!
– Time stopping, portal, and biochemical bombs, lot of sci-fi military weapons!

We are back at the first line of WWII. The player needs to shoot down the aircraft and the unknown monster, you may fight with up to 5 other mates!

Tokyo Kombat is rarely be discussed, but the plater experience created by it is not able to compare with other games. It has an excellent design and a rich bonus, which provide players with high profit and enjoyment.

During the game, the player can shift between 6 different ammunitions with 6 different odds, players could also buy extra weapons like time stopping machine or portal, there is a chance to win up to 6000x bonus!

Get your weapon ready, it’s time to fight! The more you shot down, the more bonus you get!

No.8 Crazy Hunter: Destroy the tower!

Easy winning game No.8: Crazy Hunter

Our editors said:★★★★☆(4/5)

Intense competition, shoot down ice dragons and icicles!

-Exciting tower defense game, fight different kinds of enemies!
-Find a 2000x treasure and win right away!
-Level up your tower to increase the winning chance.

Crazy Hunter is a newly released slot game by JILI Games. What special is, rather than saying it is a slot game, it seems more like tower defense games. If you have confidence enough, you may attack other towers immediately or you may switch in different towers to defense.

In the game, you have all kinds of enemies, from dwarfs to witches. After fighting them all, the big boss, the ice dragon will come to you with icicles which you need to be careful, outer it to get the biggest bonus!

Besides defending the enemies, you can also get some “unexpected” bonus. Treasure Box and the golden pig will fall from the sky, shoot them and you will get the bonus or a key entering 5 free games, with 10x winning chance.

No.7 Dragon Tiger: 50% winning chance!

Easy winning game No.7: Dragon Tiger

Our editors said:★★★★☆(4/5)

The simplest game in the casino, 50% win-lose!

-50% high winning chance
– Absolutely fair game
– Winning Ranking / Odds Ranking

Dragon Tiger will be the easiest game you have ever played at an online casino. In the game, you only need to choose a side, Fire tiger or Aqua dragon. After you click enter, the side is the point is the winner.

This game had been players biased because of how simple it is, does not require any strategies, anyone can easily get started, and last but not least, a winning rate of 50%, makes it even more popular. There is no such a high chance of winning, but it all depends on your luck. There is a great chance of losing or winning a streak, which is an unpredictable result for players.

The reason our editors recommend Dragon Tiger is because so many players said that in such a simple game to pick up, they can keep their tempo and profit every time, this is their ideal game! Use your intuition and luck to maximize your profit.

No.6 God’s Temple Deluxe: A pyramid tour

Easy winning game No.6: God’s Temple Deluxe

Our editors said:★★★★☆(4/5)

-Up to 12 free spins
-Special triangle board
-64 paylines, RTP 96.84%!

If you look closer to the board of God’s Temple Deluxe is in the triangle. This not only represents the beauty of Egypt but also shows that the game is designer’s hard working. This is how BOOONGO (BNG) creates atmosphere!

God’s Temple Deluxe has a high RTP up to 96.84, which means that it has a higher chance of winning as the playing time goes up. With 2000x bonus and high volatility, this game is suitable for player who has a flexible schedule.

We really love this game, the brand shows a great taste and good balance in each game feature, overall it provides a pretty enjoyable gaming experience. We highly recommend it to all slot machine lovers!

No.5 WILD FRAMES: Infinity WILD!

Easy winning game No.5: WILD FRAMES

Our editors said:★★★★☆(4/5)

7000x bonus waiting for you

– Combo 20, 40, 60, 80 times to trigger the features
– Up to 7000X bonus
– Trigger Wild Frames to get countless WILD symbols.

WILD FRAMES owns a 7×7 board with up to 7000x bonus. Surprisingly, only a few people know about the game. It is an undiscovered treasure!

This game is made by Play’n Go. There is no payline in this game, you only need to collect 5 same symbols and you can win the odds. In our opinion, the “Charge Meter” is on the right. Clear 1 symbol and you can charge once, when you are on the 20th 40th 60th 80th the great feature can be triggered.

20th -Transform feature: Change all high-paying symbols to random symbols.
40th – Wildcard feature: 3~6 Wild symbols will appear on the board.
60th – The Shatter feature: Clear all the low-paying symbols for higher pay combos
80th – Wild Frames feature: Trigger all Wild symbols to hit the payline.

According to our experience, if wild frames can’t be eliminated continuously, we recommended that players turn the game off and restart, and the overall atmosphere will take on a new look. If you’re lucky, the shiny wild symbol will be everywhere, hyping you up!

No.4 NANGKWAK Scratch Card: female fortune god brings you luck!

Easy winning game No.4: NANGKWAK Scratch Card

Our editors said:★★★★☆(4/5)

Higher winning chance than the physical one!

– Enjoy the prize revealing excitement
– Super simple rules
– Fast pace, win quicker

Never thought to play a scratch card on a device, huh? AE slot created “Nangkwak” the first online scratch card. Nangkwak is the God of wealth in Thai. It can bring good luck and a good business future. It usually wears Thai-style clothes in gold and red smiling with joy to pray for players.

It’s as simple as the physical one. As long as you scrape the same five numbers as the top, you can get the amount displayed below the number. Players may not win any, win one, or even win 20! The total amount accumulated by card is amazing, especially when the amount you bet is higher, the return of the award is always considerable.

When player scrapes a money bag symbol, he/she can get another 2 scraping cards. The pace of the game is quite fast and more direct than a slot machine. Our team accidentally won an unprecedented bonus when we are evaluating the game, we were surprised and start to view this game differently. A simple scratch card game can also get unexpected bonuses, which is very surprising.

No.3 MONEY TREE DOZER: Coin pusher, classic is here

Easy winning game No.3: MONEY TREE DOZER

Our editors said:★★★★★(5/5)

The classic is now online, try the coin pusher!

– Stress relief
– Collect more and more treasure!
– 1000x bonus!

We want to introduce a stress relief game, which is also the first online “coin pusher”, produced by Fa Chai. As long as you drop gold coins from above the machine, it will continue pushing the gold coins to the winning zone in front. If you successfully drop more gold coins, red envelopes, blessing bags, you can get bonuses of different amounts! Different from the physical coin pusher, Money Tree Dozer also concludes quite interesting bonus games:

Push: Instantly push the gold coins in front into the winning zone.
Wall: Build a wall on the left and right to prevent gold coins from falling.
Tree: Fortune tree shakes down more gold and silver treasures
Ball: 3 clearance pearls, allowing players to aim at treasures and push them into the winning zone.
Rich: Lucky Golden Toad spits out 30 ~ 120 times of gold coins at random

Our team likes the “Push” mode the most. The lucky toad will wave its big tongue and push all the gold coins in front of him, which is very relieved and won unimaginable rewards. “Money tree dozer” is suitable for everyone. We recommend players who have not played it to have a try.

No.2 Money Coming: Spin 100,000x bonus!

Easy winning game No.2: Jili slot Money Coming

Our editors said:★★★★★(5/5)

Classic slot machine, hit the paylines non-stop!

– SCATTER= Bonus
– NO.1 speed slot
– Up to ₱100,000!

“Money Coming” is a slot machine that can easily excite people. Made by JILI, its volatility is only 2. What does that mean? Money Coming will always keep you hype. Players can win again and again!

Smart players will directly choose to bet 50 to unlock the scatter limit, double the bonus directly to 50000, and then not worry about anything. Just click “spin” to round after round and enjoy the pleasure of profit. Once you turn to a scatter, you will enter the section of “guarantee win”. The lucky roulette in the upper left corner starts to spin, and you can get up to ₱100000 right away!

Our team like Money Coming so much! We tried countless slot machines, its game pace is the fastest. By pressing the “auto spin”, we can spin 1.5 times in an average of 1 second, and there are no fancy special effects at all, which means that players can save a lot of time. For players who need efficiency, this slot machine is a MUST play!

No.1 GUGUGU: Money! Money! Money!

Easy winning game No.1: CQ9 Slot GUGUGU

Our editors said:★★★★★(5/5)

Countless free games!

– Countless free games
– 30000X bonus
– The most generous slot machine in CQ9

In the evaluation of hundreds of slot machines, “GuGuGu” impresses our team so much: it’s too generous! The “rooster” symbol represents the free game, get 3 of them to enter the free game of 15+ games. If the rooster appears again during the period, you can add another extra game. It’s such a bold setting. Players will wonder if the system is operating correctly.

This is the easiest one to win among many slot machine games produced by CQ9! The setting in “GuGuGu” is in the early morning. The sky is not clear yet, and the rooster crows in the morning. Therefore, the game screen is dim and mysterious. It is not outstanding visually or functionality and fluency, but it makes players fall. During the evaluation, our team entered 3 free games in 3 minutes, and easily exceeded the initial bet amount in 5 minutes, which was very surprising!

No wonder “GuGuGu” has become a must-play for advanced players. Everyone loves the roosters which lay golden eggs!

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All games have been demoed by our editors, after analyzing thousands of games, the outstanding ones will be written into a guide or review, including top slot games, fishing machine, live dealer, etc.

Players get familiar to the rules in advance and find more effective ways to win money. In JILI slot machines, there are usually item cards to enter free spins, in case to get bigger bonus, this is one of the examples.

We will say that the slot machine has the fastest tempo, the poker game needs strategy, and fishing machines can release stress and get more fun. All these are based on the preferences and needs, choose the appropriate game, and the winning rate will naturally increase.

HawkPlay has the certificate from the Isle of Man gambling license. This is a certificate with very strict conditions. Only a few casinos can have it in a year, now HawkPlay is one of them. With well-done game performance, 100% legality, and professional customer service, we are ready to give you the best user experience.

RTP stands for “Return to Player”, which refers to the player’s bet amount in a certain period, which is returned to the player as a percentage. The higher the percentage, the more favorable it is for the player.

In addition to the above “easy to profit game” ranked by Hawkplay team, general players will refer to the RTP of slot machines (return to player) and usually choose slot machines with 96 ~ 99% RTP. If you like to win frequently, “GuGuGu” introduced above is the best slot machine. It will give you the most joyful gaming experience!

If you like simple and fast-paced games, please choose to play slot machines. If you like strategy, live poker such as baccarat and blackjack is for you. Table games such as fish games and coin pushers can release pressure and bring you a lot of fun. If you want to find the most suitable game for yourself, you can consider your own needs to make a choice, and try more demo games.