Best Bingo Online – Yes Bingo Full Guide

Bingo Online: Yes Bingo

Bingo Online, or Online Bingo, has been a viral gambling type of game ever since its published. Yes Bingo, a bingo game provider that gone wild by the year of 2021, is now seeking a chance to strike back again even harder. To outstand the brand, they utilize any means necessary to make this happen, and they did. In early 2022, a new released game Open Sesame has taken over half of the bingo market here in the Philippines. How is it possible for a single game to achieve such a thing? It all starts from the jackpot mechanism.

Not to create confusion among players, the jackpot feature original exists for massive-rewarding purpose. But many bingo games have their slogan of “jackpot” as a form of advertising propaganda, the jackpot received is in fact another rule-based multiplier. All Yes Bingo’s games share the highest multi of 1500X, but for the games equipped with jackpot mechanism, it’s a skyrocketing 10,000X. The conspicuous gap between the highest multiplier (1500X) and jackpot multiplier (10,000X) shows how distinctive the prize is, and therefore makes them the real jackpot games.

Before we go down on this topic, let’s get familiar with Yes Bingo first. You’ll be guided through helpful information of this particular bingo provider, get to know their games, site to play in real money and take a deeper look into their jackpot mechanism.

What is Yes Bingo?

Yes Bingo

Yes Bingo is an online bingo developer based in Asia, 20 year experience on game developing, 15 games currently released. As a company, they have more than 100 employers working for them, indicates the scale of it to be. Their well-designed website can easily lead you to a chilling vibe, its simplicity and smoothness appropriately reflect onto their games. Since their company was found in Asia, you can definitely expect the games are full of oriental symbols as well. You can tell solely by their names.

Fa Fa Dragon, Fortune Treasure, Win Cai Shen, they are just good examples on how they present their games. Note that despite 15 games released and self-claimed a bingo developer, Yes Bingo actually do make video slots and online fishing, which bingo accounts 8 of them. We’re only focusing on bingos through this guide, their slots deserve their own article.

You can see how they manage information transparency for the crucial data they revealed. RTP, card layout, max win, volatility… everything’s on the table. If you’re curious, here’s a head up: all bingo games have the same RTP of 97.5%. Normally, a RTP more than 90% is considered to be high, and 95% is higher than almost all types of casino games. That’s how 97.5% RTP means to players.

Their bingo games look identical in terms of interface, gameplay and multiplier. What differentiate from each other is theme and jackpot. Each of them got a unique theme based on their names. Take Win Cai Shen for instance, its tone consists of bright gold and dark red color, with golden coins and sparkles shining in the background. The face-down extra balls are decorated as red envelopes, a great add-up for fortune vibe. There are still many themes waiting for you to discover.

The jackpot mechanism – or what we called “real jackpot” will be discussed in later chapter. What you should know about Yes bingo here is that they contribute high RTP, ample theme, real jackpot bingo games as an experienced online gambling developer/manufacturer/provider. They produce reputable bingos in Asia, seeking any chance possible to expand their territories abroad.

What Makes Yes Bingo Different from Other Bingo Online?

Features of Yes Bingo

To break down through this question, a valid consensus must reach. Conclude the last chapter, we know that the RTPs are higher than average, multiple themes available and “real” jackpot is equipped. In this chapter, we’re going to elaborate more about these advantages for supplementary purpose. You might think yourself to have perfect understanding judging by the words, but no, not so fast, at least not until we explain furtherly. There’re definitely unknown facts to surprise you in a profitable way, along with the additional benefits.

We are doing a comparison as well in case you haven’t played/heard this brand. JILI GamesiRich Bingo released seems to be right for its worldwide familiarity.

1. High RTP

A guaranteed, billion-time-tested 97.5% RTPs are evenly presented on its bingo games. iRich Bingo in the contrary, RTP remains hidden, no known way to find out the exact number.

2. Abundant Theme

How’s this even a plus? It actually is in a matter of fact. Bingo players have uncontrollably myth in terms of luck. You will feel the same when you continuously losing on the same game and win a jackpot on other game with different theme.

3. Real Jackpot

Bingo providers should be held accountable for making false propaganda. The highest multiplier in rule-based progressive multis can NOT deemed as jackpot. iRich has highest multi of 1500X, the same as all Yes Bingo’s bingos, yet calling it a “jackpot”. This is wrong. Multiplier like 15,000X is what we’re talking. By the way, it’s Money Bingo and Bingo Bingo if you wonder.

4. Fast Pace

Who wouldn’t want to know the result promptly? Your winnings are basically tight-up to the session of a game. Good thing is, it takes less than 1 minute to finish a game, you’re allowed to claim your winnings in time.

5. Simple Gameplay

Open, start, bet, win, as easy as 1-2-3. Multis and combinations are shown above the screen, special multis are displayed on balls with highlight, anyone could grasp within seconds.

Tips & Tricks: Yes Bingo Hack

Time for you to pick up a pencil, we’ve got some juicy tips to help you win. Yes Bingo’s bingo games look random at first glance, but they do have certain paths to follow. Do you know that you can always start all over again when bad combinations happen? That’s right, reset your game whenever the board lacks of essential balls. Sometimes unfortunate things may occur, but that’s out of your concern when you literally can take control over the game. You don’t necessarily need to bet on extra ball anymore. Close the tab/window and restart the game!

The hacking-like tactic is to bet on certain number at certain time. We exclusively collected game data from several back office, and form a Kernel-Based SVM Model to pinpoint which number and time periods exactly won the most.

SVM Model of Yes Bingo

The model has been simplified to make it more understandable. Though it’s still abstruse and challenging to comprehend, but it wouldn’t be a big deal since we are here to lend a hand. Light blue indicates the highest win rate (80%-100%), dark blue the lowest (0%-20%). Statistic shows that number 66 at 21:58 has the highest win rate of 98.12%, follow with 41 at 19:33 of 96.59%, 73 at 12:25 of 91.01%. To wrap it up, here’s an easy version for you:

🥇Make sure ball 66 appears at 21:58 (98.12% average win rate)
🥈Make sure ball 41 appears at 19:33 (96.86% average win rate)
🥉Make sure ball 73 appears at 12:25 (91.01% average win rate)

You can go for extra balls or reset the game when the numbers aren’t on the board. Friendly reminder: take advantage of alarm clock on your phone and schedule your spare time so you’re able to catch up on time.

Maximize your win rate at its finest!

Best Online Casino to Play Yes Bingo

Best online casino: Hawkplay

According to our source, a jackpot landed on 2022/09/15 at a well-known Philippine online casino Hawkplay. A player allegedly earned collective prizes of 88,200 PHP using 2000 PHP in total. The player received winnings at 2022/09/19, we were told that the player submits withdrawal application at the same day. Hawkplay official forwarded us the player’s GCash receipts for commercial use.

Big Win at Yes Bingo: 88,200 PHP

Hawkplay is the best online casino to play Yes Bingo for sure. They do an excellent job on zero-delay payout, legal licensing & registration, full-range collection of gambling games and supportive 24/7 customer live chat. They’re now promoting betting bonus, unlimited 5% cashback, JILI extra multiplier, BNG bet race. If you join now, you can draw a brand-new iPhone 14 Pro Max 1TB. FOR FREE!


Ancient astrologist called star that brings you fortune a Lucky Star. Occultist has persistence towards numbers, like 7, 11 and 13. They’re unavoidably integrated into a simple question: what’s makes me luckier? Most arcade players believe it’s about the machine, you can have disparate luck on different slot/fishing/bingo machines. That’s how it benefits players.

Yes Bingo is absolutely fair and unrigged, it’s been tested by many authoritative third parties, like Gaming Labs International (GLI).

Originally it should be XYZ Scatter Gram. The Kernel-Based Model we made is for a better understanding purpose, and easier to compile and classify the data. It’s not supposed to be comprehended by non-professionals, since there are statistics analyzation and mathematics involved. The model is only to demonstrate the reliability of our tactic, proofing how solid-based our instruction is.

Land-based bingo usually takes place in lottery retailer, the multiplier is overall lower. Compare to online one, there’s literally no reason for you to go outside risking yourself on exposure of COVID-19 and win a shabby 100X.

We are hereby to guarantee Hawkplay’s safeness. We have articles introducing its APK download, VIP offline tour and ₱25,000,000 ($435605, €436597) won. Hawkplay do pay out, even pay out fast (less than 5 minutes) according to our external test. It’s PAGCOR (The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation) Licensed and MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) regulated, perfectly legal for all players.