PG Slot – Genie’s 3 Wishes Introduction

PG Slot - Genie's 3 Wishes pngAccording to an old saying of PG Slot, a genie resides in the Cave of Wonders, possessing the greatest power in the universe to fulfill any wishes for its master. In the game “Genie’s 3 Wishes,” players have the opportunity to summon the genie successfully from the magic lamp and have three wishes granted.

Themed around Aladdin, this online slot machine is launched by PG Soft. The genie will fulfill the three wishes of the player. During free spins, players will need to make a decision in the bonus selection section: increase the duration of free spins to reduce risk or bet their luck on several free spins? The bonus is just a spin away!

Genie's 3 Wishes
Max Exposure: X3213
PG Slot - Genie's 3 Wishes PG Slot - Genie's 3 WishesPlatform: iOS/Android/Windows/MAC/HTML5

Please shows up! Genie promises to make 3 of your wishes come true: high payout symbols, traveling Wild symbols, and increasing multiplier.

Max Win

*RTP: Slot’s RTP stands for “Return to Player” and represents the average payback that players can expect from a slot game over time. It’s important to note that RTP doesn’t always equal the chance of winning.

*Volatility: The percentage of awarded probability and the degree of reward medium volatility is deemed to be balanced on both sides.
*Max exposure: The maximum win from a single spin was simulated using 1 billion spins.

Highlights of PG Slot - Genie's 3 Wishes

Re-spin Feature

Bonus Selection is the main way players make a profit, there are 3 modes of it.

Unlock More Ways

Wild Wishes Feature guarantees players to profit in the main game.

Retriggerable Free Spins

Free spins can be retriggered.

Extra Wild Multiplier

Any symbol that makes a payline with WILD in the Wild Wishes Featur, the multiplier will 2X

*Main game: Charged spin mode.

PG Slot – Genie's 3 Wishes Pros & Cons

Pros of PG Slot – Genie's 3 Wishes
  • High RTP
  • High payout
  • Diverse features
  • Profitable main game spin
Pros of PG Slot – Heist Stakes
  • Flat soundtracks
  • 4 stars visual

PG Slot – Genie's 3 Wishes Bonus Feature

number 1
Bonus Selection
Bonus Selection of PG Slot – Genie's 3 Wishes
Free Game on PG Slot – Genie's 3 Wishes

Enter Free Spins Feature, players can choose:

  1. 5 free spins with an increasing multiplier.
  2. 8 free spins with traveling Wild symbols.
  3. 12 free spins with all high payout symbols.

Players need to decide the Bonus selection in 30 seconds. The system will automatically go 12 free spins mode if the player didn’t decide. Free spins can be retriggered.

number 2
Wild Wishes Feature
Wild Wishes Feature Model #1 on PG Slot – Genie's 3 Wishes
Wild Wishes Feature Model #2 on PG Slot – Genie's 3 Wishes

Wild Wishes Feature will be triggered randomly in the main game spin. When activated,1 to 5 stacked Wild symbols may be added on the reels, hit the payline with Wilds the multiplier will be 2X more.

PG Slot – Genie's 3 Wishes Symbols & Payouts

PG Slot – Genie's 3 Wishes Scatter Symbol

Scatter symbol

Three or above to trigger Free Spins Feature.

PG Slot – Genie's 3 Wishes Wild Symbol

Wild Symbol

Wild Symbol substitutes for all symbols except Scatter Symbol. Doubled all payouts in Wild Wishes Feature.

PG Slot – Genie's 3 Wishes Symbol

Scatter symbol

1 free spin is awarded for each +1 Free Spin symbol in Free Spins Feature.

PG Slot – Genie's 3 Wishes Scatter Symbol

x5 = 5000
x4 = 500
x3 = 50

PG Slot – Genie's 3 Wishes gemstone necklace Symbol

x5 = 350
x4 = 80
x3 = 25

PG Slot – Genie's 3 Wishes wine glass Symbol

x5 = 10
x4 = 8
x3 = 5

PG Slot – Genie's 3 Wishes Wild Symbol

x5 = 1250
x4 = 200
x3 = 80

PG Slot – Genie's 3 Wishes ring Symbol

x5 = 300
x4 = 60
x3 = 15

PG Slot – Genie's 3 Wishes purse Symbol

x5 = 8
x4 = 5
x3 = 3

PG Slot – Genie's 3 Wishes Hat Symbol

x5 = 400
x4 = 80
x3 = 25

PG Slot – Genie's 3 Wishes Scimitar Symbol

x5 = 10
x4 = 8
x3 = 5

PG Slot – Genie's 3 Wishes Symbol A

x5 = 8
x4 = 5
x3 = 3

Actual Gameplay Display & Statistic

When it comes to real money, online slot machines need to undergo strict testing before official launch. Unfortunately, there are many low-quality slot machines on the market that can deceive players about game data or pose serious security issues. To maintain transparency and help players make informed decisions, we provide clear guides and reviews of online slot games.

**All displays are performed in $1 bet sizes, and the statistics are based on real gameplay data and a QA team’s strict review.


Spins Display

Wild Wishes Feature

Free Spins Feature


Statistic of 100 spins of this slot game

In 100 spins, Wild Wishes Feature been triggered 22 times; Free Spins Feature, 7 times; free spins retriggered 1; RTP=99.27%. Bet ₱100 win ₱99.27.

Slot Game Tips & Winning Strategies

Bet in Bigger Number

This game takes into account both the winning rate and maximum exposure, which players can experience in both the main game and bonus features.

Go for 8 Free Spins

With 8 free spins, players can experience an excellent balance in terms of ROI, without feeling like the bonus has a low payout or their income is reduced due to fewer paylines.

Keep an Eye on Wild Wishes Feature

The Wild Wishes Feature can trigger big wins, offering players a chance to win a super fortune, especially in the main game.

Study the Paytable

Special symbols often have high payout multipliers, allowing players to effectively calculate their expected payout by knowing what combinations will earn them how much before they play.

Wait for Free Spins Feature

For most online slots, the Free Spins Feature is viewed as the primary income for players, and since it’s free, it can be highly beneficial. Therefore, as long as the player is able to continue, they should not give up halfway and risk missing out on the opportunity to earn money.

Our Verdict

Genie's 3 Wishes is undoubtedly a great PG Slot to recommend, offering a well-balanced experience between the main game and bonus game, while also providing players with an opportunity for extremely high multipliers. When compared to other online slot machines on the market, PG Slot's game offers better RTP and excellent bonus features. Based on its performance in terms of RTP, multipliers, and payouts, we rate this game 9/10.

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Best Online Casino for Genie's 3 Wishes & PG Slot

To win real money playing PG Slot, it’s crucial to choose a quality online casino. This involves assessing the casino’s licensing, security, game selection, and customer support to ensure that it is reputable and trustworthy.

Integrated or not?
Casino Service

A good online casino should have a complete and highly integrated service chain, allowing all players’ questions to be dealt with quickly and efficiently, without the need for extra time coordinating with different departments.

Convenient or not?
Register at online casino

Players may wonder why the registration process at most casinos requires so much information, and if there’s a way to make it more convenient. However, registering at big sites has proven to be simple and convenient, and the same can be true for online casinos.

Fast or not?

When it comes to withdrawing money from online casinos, players may have concerns about safety, payment channels, and speed. Once the first two concerns are addressed, the speed of payment becomes the main competition. As players want to receive their winnings as quickly as possible, the speed of payment is crucial.

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PG Slot is the biggest online slot supplier in Southeast Asia, especially popular in the Philippines and Thailand.

Bet in a bigger number and keep an eye on Wild Wishes Feature.

Wild Wishes Feature cannot be activated in Free Spins Feature, it was only limited in the main game.

Yes. You may play Genie’s 3 Wishes on your mobile device.